Sunday, 18 January 2015

Bump Watch 2: 29 Weeks

Remember last bump update when I said I thought I was as big now as I was at full term with Tyne? turns out I was right!

I went for my 28 week midwife appointment last week where I met my new midwife - I'm pleased to say that she is REALLY lovely and very efficient, I have lots of confidence in her which is great! - but the appointment was pretty intense as there was lots going on and lots that needed to be sorted out.

The good things were that we got to hear the heart beat again, which was nice and strong - and she sorted out my appointments to discuss my c-section so I don't need to worry about that anymore.

The downsides were that I was suffering from yet another gallstone attack on that day so it was pretty painful when she had to examine me - I've been having the attacks every other day lately and it's so painful that I can't do anything but sit and cry - they did prescribe me something to take down any swelling of the stomach lining so I'm hoping that may help but there's nothing else they can do until after the baby arrives.

And the major downside was that when the midwife took my fundal height measurements I was measuring at 36 weeks instead of 28! 

As I had Tyne at 38 weeks and was measuring spot on each week, this means that I am very nearly the same size I was when I gave birth to him - so it's no wonder I'm struggling so much with aches and pains, and not able to paint my toenails or put on my own shoes!

Because of the size, I have to go for a Glucose Tolerance Test which I'm really dreading as I've heard they are very unpleasant - they also need to check my thyroid again incase my Graves disease is a contributing factor, and I need to have a growth scan to check if the baby is large or if it's excess fluids.

Luckily the midwife managed to get me both appointments and the consultant appointment for tomorrow morning, so at least I don't have to wait too long - I am super nervous though! And I'm dreading having to spend all morning at the hospital with a toddler as for the GTT test alone I'll need to be there for 2 hours, so with the two other appointments thrown in I'm going to be there for ages!

Hopefully we may get some answers though...fingers crossed for us and let's hope baby isn't too gigantic in there!

As for other symptoms, I'm still suffering with the worlds itchiest nipples and nothing soothes it - it's becoming increasingly difficult to sleep at night as this is when baby decides its party time after barely moving all day long, and I'm still off a lot of things such as tea and coffee.

I've been getting headaches more frequently too, and I am exhausted constantly!

I've also been feeling much more emotional this week (see my last post!) and the anxiety around having the baby has really started to kick in over the last few days too...something I'll be blogging about soon.

That's it for this week - I'll be back with another Bump Watch next week to update on how the scans and tests go tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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