Sunday, 25 January 2015

Bump Watch 2: 30 Weeks!

First off, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who left a comment on my 29 week update!

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with all the worry around the GTT, the growth scan and the gallstones so it was a pretty stressful week - but so many of you left really helpful comments and sent tweets to tell me your experiences and that was a HUGE help!! So thank you!

I went along to the Growth Scan last Monday and had the GTT test done too....

Wow, that stuff they make you drink is pretty vile isn't it?!

By the end of the 2 hours I was feeling pretty shaky (probably a result of not eating for so long and the sugar hit) so I didn't enjoy the trek down 4 flights of stairs and around to the other side of the hospital to get my bloods taken in the phlebotomy unit - but at least it's done now!

I still haven't heard from anybody with results of that or the thyroid antibodies test, but I'll chase it up next week and assume that no news means good news!

The positive news was that the Growth Scan went really well!

Baby was kicking away happily and is measuring within the normal range - toward the upper end of normal yes, but still normal - so no Gigantic Baby in there! Woohoo!

They also said my fluid levels are totally normal - so the reason for the enormous bump is a bit of a mystery but there we go!

At least we know everything is all looking good, and Tyne was very pleased to see baby brother on the screen again!

After the scan, I had an appointment with the consultant to discuss the birth - I told him my preference was not to try a VBAC and go straight for a planned c-section - I expected a bit of a debate but he didn't try to dissuade me at all! He said that was no problem and went straight off to get the forms for me to sign!

I won't get the surgery date until 37 weeks, but at least I know it's all signed and agreed to go ahead - that's a huge weight off my mind!

The consultant also picked up on the fact that I'm not currently under any care for my Graves Disease and said I should be seeing a specialist who will oversee things regarding the babies thyroid antibodies, and my own levels once I've given birth as they can drop dramatically once this happens - he's referred me on to a specialist at the hospital so although it means more appointments and time at the hospital, it's a relief to know that somebodys keeping an eye on things!

As for other's been much the same!

A reader advised me last week to try drinking unsweetened apple juice with every meal to help with the gallstone pain and that has so far been a huge success - so thank you very much for that tip!

The itchy nipples, tiredness and headaches are all still around - but the sickness at least seems to have passed again!

The baby seems to be moving a bit less vigorously now so I think he might be running out of room in there - I'm getting up multiple times in the night to pee, and I'm wondering when that old familiar pain around the ribs is going to start as that's something I remember vividly from having Tyne!

I cannot believe we are now into the Week 30's...only 9 weeks to go until baby arrives! It really seems to have crept up out of nowhere!

This week we're heading off on our last family holiday as a three....please keep your fingers crossed that Baby doesn't decide to make an early appearance in the middle of Bluestone National Park!

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