Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Bump Watch: 26 Weeks

Well I haven't been very good with keeping up the bump updates this pregnancy, my last update was at 15 weeks....I'm now at 26 weeks! Whoops!

    The time seems to be flying by and, since my terrible morning sickness ended at around 17 weeks, I've been feeling much better and generally forgetting that i'm actually pregnant until I catch my reflection in shop windows and get a bit of a shock at the sight of my ENORMOUS BUMP!

My sickness with Tyne was still very much around at this stage so I'm really pleased that it ended so much earlier this time, although it was definitely more severe!

I'm still not feeling a great deal of movements from the baby which my Doctor says is because I have an anterior placenta cushioning the kicks - I do feel wriggles and low-down kicks every now and then which take me by surprise as when they appear they're quite forceful, but they're usually only at night time or after I've had a fizzy drink or a chocolate bar.

I am surprised by how HUGE I am already! I am definitely already at the size I was at full term with Tyne which is a bit shocking, but the midwife tells me this is pretty common with subsequent pregnancies and to be expected - i'm not enjoying it though as I already am unable to put on my own shoes or paint my toenails! 

I've been a little concerned about varicose veins as I had a few appear while I was having Tyne, so I've been doing some reading up on preventions and treatments on sites like http://www.specialistveincare.com.au/ to put my mind at ease!

I was suffering quite badly with hip and back pain at around 20 weeks but that has thankfully eased off now.

I had my 20 week scan, although for some reason it was done late at 23 weeks, and because of the babies position they weren't able to properly examine the heart or kidneys so I had to go back again a week later - on the second visit they were still having trouble but managed to examine the heart and one of the kidneys....they gave up on trying to find the other kidney but said they're sure its fine as everything seems to be functioning normally.

I am a bit concerned as I have managed to lose my hospital notes in the house move and I have no idea when my next midwife appointment is supposed to be! I haven't seen a midwife since 16 weeks, so I'm sure I must be due for an appointment soon?!

I'm also a bit concerned as nobody has yet spoken to me about my c-section, and I've since heard that the consultant I spoke to after my scan should have been the one to discuss it with me - eek! I really need to chase these things up this week once the surgeries are open again!


*Sore/Cracked/Itchy nipples - This has been my main and most annoying symptom since about 18 weeks and its showing no signs of dissipating! I have tried Lanolin, sudocrem etc and nothing seems to help - any suggestions?!

*Tiredness - I'm still feeling tired a lot but I suppose thats to be expected. I can't get through most days without a nap or a lie in!

*Leg cramps - I experienced my first extreme leg cramp this week, I was fast asleep in bed and was woken up by searing pain in my calf muscle which was so severe I ended up screaming! I remember getting this a LOT when I was having Tyne.

*Weird dreams - these have definitely kicked in now! My dreams are very vivid but they never make sense and are always a bit bizzare!

Cravings: I can't get enough seafood at the moment! Which is very strange as I usually don't eat it at all! Fish & chips is usually my limit, but lately I've been craving seafoods like lobster that I've never even tasted before! I never knew you could crave things without knowing what they taste like?!

That's everything for now, I'll be trying to keep a fortnightly update going from now on!

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