Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Exploring Our Town: A Walk On The Pier

Just before Christmas, we moved in to a brand new seaside town.

Although we've visited for a few hours here and there before in the summer, we want to become more familiar with our new home town and so we've decided that at least once a week we'll head out exploring.

And it seems like a great opportunity to get to grips with my new camera too, so it will be joining us for the journey!

This weekend, we dropped in to the pier.

We can see the pier from our house, and it looks so pretty all lit up of a night.

The pier first opened back in 1879 and it gives such a glance back to yester-year when you stroll along taking in the sea views, and all the sights and smells of the old fashioned fairground style rides and food stalls.

Tyne was delighted watching the sea go by under his feet, and of course all of the rides and sweet smelling candy on offer were a delight to his senses too!

Over there on the rise is our house...we're so lucky to have such a beautiful view!

We had such a fun time playing arcade games and putting Tyne on the rides, we've started a little prize ticket collection to save up so we'll be going back every other weekend to see if we can bag a good prize by the end of the year!;)

And look what we found! Who recognises what movie this is from?!

Our first little exploration of our new home town was so much fun, I'm excited what little treasures we find next!

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