Friday, 23 January 2015

FOUR baths per year???

One of my favourite things to do once Tyne has finally gone down to sleep in the evening is to relax in a nice hot bubble bath for a long soak!

I always imagine that most mummies find relaxation in much the same this infographic I've just discovered which was put together by really quite surprised me!

Apparently the most common number of baths taken per person, per year is FOUR!


Does anybody else find this shocking?!

It made me wonder if I'm actually in the minority here with my love of baths - for me a shower doesn't come anywhere close - they're fine if I'm in a hurry but if I have any time to spare, it has to be a bath!

Which do you prefer?

The survey done turned up plenty of other interesting results too - take a look below!

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  1. I adore baths! I never liked them before pregnancy but during my pregnancy it became the only way to ease my aches and pains and now I just find them so relaxing. After a hard day the first thing I do is run myself a bath! Although it could just be because I'm a 'yorkshireman' ;) x


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