Sunday, 25 January 2015

How I Unwind

Now that I'm further in to my pregnancy, I try to give myself a bit of a pamper evening once a week to help me to unwind.

It can be something as simple as painting my nails and doing a facemask, but it really does make such a difference and the next morning I really notice myself feeling more refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

I like to incorporate a bit of meditation into my pamper evenings too as I find this really helpful with my anxiety - I'll usually put on a face mask and lay on the bed with some cucumber on my eyes while listening to the app on my Ipad for ten minutes or so - it's amazing how much calmer I feel afterwards!

This week my pamper evening was greatly aided after Betfair sent me a package from Pamper Parcels specifically designed for ladies whose partners are a bit pre-occupied with watching football - the package was lovely! 

It included some lovely treats to use in the bath such as a bath bomb and a lovely bath & shower gel, a hydrating body cream by Nougat Naturals to use after my long soak, and a gorgeous candle from one of my favourite companies Aromaworks which I lit while doing my mud mask and meditation ritual!

It also included lots of indulgent treats such as tons of chocolate, some gourmet Popcorn, Hot chocolate and some gorgeous shortbread biscuits from Duchy of Cornwall!

Sadly I didn't get any of the chocolate as it was all snatched by toddler hands, but I did very much enjoy the biscuits!

How do you take time out for yourself to relax? I'd love to hear from you!

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