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Marine Skin Science Gives Effective, Pure Skin Care

Clear, even skin tones convey a healthy appearance which is what everyone wants, but the pressures of modern living, stress and age-related issues mean many people need to pay more care and attention to facial skin.

Pigmentation and age spots may be a problem for older women, while acne skin, skin rejuvenation and intensive eye treatments may affect other people. Marine Skin Science products address all the above issues and more. These luxurious treatments are formulated from the purest marine and plant ingredients to provide active and effective performance against these problem skin issues. Regular use of Marine Science products gives back youthful and radiant skin tone and can brighten or lighten any complexion to enhance beauty and bestow added self assurance and confidence to anybody.

Marine Skin Science to Beautify Your Skin

All Marine Skincare products have been formulated following many years of research, testing and experience within the field of skin care. These products contain the purest botanical and marine ingredients, known to have active skin enhancing properties. The active formulations contained within this range of skin care products work in synergy with the skin to enhance, rejuvenate and brighten or lighten skin tones.

Where acne skin is a problem, Deep Sea Cleanse, Ocean Tone toner and Marine Fluid Shine-Free are recommended for daily cleansing, toning and moisturising. These products help deal with this distressing issue over a matter of time and will reveal the beauty of unblemished skin.

Skin that has fallen prey to pigmentation or age spots will benefit from treatment with Ultra Light Derma White Duo, which naturally exfoliates the surface while working to lighten tone and gradually reduce the appearance of darker patches.

Where skin rejuvenation is desired to minimise effects of fine lines, wrinkles and other age-related issues affecting facial skin, the recommended products include Deep Sea Cleanse, Sea Collagen Marine Serum moisturiser, Ultimate Youth Lift for the sensitive area around the eyes and Marine Boost Super Serum, coupled with a weekly exfoliation routine using Ultra Smooth Sea Polish.

These Marine Science products contain a variety of actives and are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to boost and revitalise skin so it achieves a more youthful appearance. Some of the ingredients used to create these successful formulations include:

* Wakame sea kelp, renowned for its high B vitamin and mineral content and an excellent active to reduce enzymatic breakdown
* seaweed extract, which reduces collagen breakdown and helps stimulate its neosynthesis
* green micro algae for skin restructuring and to reduce imperfections
* Swiss alpine blend, a mixture of plant extracts which reduce the appearance of brown spots or age spots and work to lighten and brighten skin colour
* Bisabolol which helps soothe skin and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
* Rosehip seed oil which reduces scar tissue and reduces the color of scarring

The Marine Skincare range consists of natural skin care products formulated by the chemists at the Laser Treatment Clinic . The professional skin care experts at the Clinic have had decades of experience successfully treating skin care problems and concerns. This superb range of marine and plant based skin products provides effective solutions for a variety of skin problems, allowing users to develop enhanced self confidence and an increasingly positive self image. 

Free consultations are available at the Clinic for clients to discuss skin problems with experienced consultants who have the ability to offer treatments that will work.

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