Saturday, 31 January 2015

Me & Mine: January 2015

Our first Me & Mine photo for 2015 sees us all absolutely dithering with cold on a freeeeeezing Tenby beach!!

This was taken last week on our little trip to review Bluestone - the day couldn't have been any colder (though the rain held off at least!) but my adventurous little man didn't care one bit - he sat on that sand digging and building sandcastles, giggling with glee as though it was the middle of July!

Every now and then a dog walker would go past, and he'd casually look up and say "Hiya Doggy" before carrying on building his Sandcastle Town...but other than those people and a lone man feeding the birds, he had the whole beach to himself.

There's something both eerie and strangely enticing about an empty beach...don't you think?! 

We had a lovely dinner at the little restaurant right there on the beach afterwards, and when we left it was almost dark - as scary and desolate as the beach looked, I almost felt a pull to it...I really wanted to just go for a little walk along the sand, on my own, just to see what it'd be like.

The freezing temperatures kept me away though ;)

I should also note what a total mis-matched mess I look in this photo - I thought I'd survive the day wearing just my outfit and a shawl - Oh no!!! By the time we'd walked around for 2 minutes I thought I was going to freeze to death!

So I had a quick emergency shopping spree in Peacocks - where I bought a coat that wouldnt fasten over my bump, a pair of hideous mittens and a woolen headband to keep my ears warm - none of them matched in any way but for once in my life, I did NOT care!!!

This photo captured the end of a really lovely day, on what will have been our very last holiday as a family of 3 - Hard to believe that there will only be a maximum of TWO Me & Mine photos left before we become a FOUR! Eeeek!

dear beautiful

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  1. Lovely photo! And what a freezing day it was!!xxx

  2. Lovely family pictures. Can't wait to see bump become baby x

  3. It does look very cold. Brrrr! Great photos.

  4. Ha ha, the headband and the gloves are not a totally horrendous match! Lovely shot though #MeandMine

  5. Gorgeous family captures on the beach I love the winter beach look. Looks like even without weather you made the most of it. Good for you. #meandmine

  6. Aw lovely photo's, so brave of you all to head to the beach in this cold! I love the new coat :)

  7. Aww, I'm always so excited to see pregnant ladies joining in with Me and Mine, it's going to be amazing to see your family grow over this year.
    And I love an empty beach in Winter, cold yes, but so beautiful too. Thanks so much for linking up with Me and Mine. x


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