Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Cluttered & Crazy Career Past!

Sometimes, when I think back to the life I had before motherhood, it strikes me that I've had quite the past!

Today I thought I'd share with you some of the previous jobs I've had...from the mundane to the somewhat unusual!


My first job at 16 was to work as a waitress as a local village pub. I didn't last that long, as I had such a fear of dropping plates of food that I used to dread going in to work! They did also try to train me up as a barmaid but after my first attempt at pulling a pint exploded all over me and the customer...they soon gave up! The tips were nice while they lasted though!


I absolutely loved working as a nanny, and it was always so easy to find great families to work with through agencies such as Care.com 

I worked for a few different families over the years, and it was so lovely being able to do my own thing with the children all day without feeling that there was a boss dictating what we would do - the parents were usually great to work for, although there were the occasional ones who I didn't gel with....one mother in particular saved her dishes up all week for ME to wash on the two days I worked! THAT didn't last for long!

Nursery Nurse/teaching assistant

I studied for my NNEB certificate, completing 2 years at college to become a qualified nursery nurse and teaching assistant. While doing my course and for a while after, I worked in various primary schools and private nurseries which was a lot of fun - I always enjoyed that job although it was much harder work than a lot of people would think!

TV Extra

I completed a diploma in performing arts too, and did some appearances in local pantomimes etc.

This led to some opportunities to work with TV companies, and I had the chance to do some Extra work on shows such as Hollyoaks, Coronation Street and Two Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps - all of them were such fun experiences!

Telephone Psychic

Yes, for a while I worked from home on a psychic hotline! I have a genuine interest in practising divination and I read tarot cards regularly, so I tried to be a GENUINE card reader giving real readings when people called - unfortunately this didn't really work for the company as they wanted me to draw the callers in to conversation and encourage them to talk to me about their problems so they would stay on the line for longer and spend more money! I soon quit that job as I felt far too guilty!

Primark Customer Service Desk Assistant

This was a job I had for a couple of years, and actually quite enjoyed...although the number of people who try to return clearly worn underwear for a refund is crazy!

Somerfield Checkout Girl

My first job when I re-located to Devon was as a checkout girl at the local Somerfield. I loved working on the tills but the customers were often little old men and women who wanted to have a chat, and the company didn't actively encourage that so it made me sad.

Sexline Operator

Yes...I'm not ashamed to say I gave this a try too! A friend of mine was doing it and claiming to make very good money, so I gave it a go....but oh my goodness there are some CRAZY people out there ringing those lines! I couldn't do anything but laugh when people called, so it only lasted a week or two!

NHS Helpdesk Team

Definitely the worst job I've had. The job itself couldn't have been any easier, it was simple data inputting...but the people who worked there were some of the most horrible people I've ever met. I used to pray I'd get run over on my way in every morning...not to be seriously hurt, but just enough to not have to go in to work that day!

Customer Service Supervisor

My longest held job was working as a supervisor for a major online fashion retailer. I loved the job as I worked with such a great team of people.

Have you had any unusual jobs in the past? I'd love to hear about them!

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