Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Home Truths

Having recently moved in to a home we love, our focus has been very much on turning where we live from a house in to a home...which means my worst!

As a pregnant woman who has control issues, I find it very tricky as my condition means I'm not the best person to be going up ladders, breathing in paint fumes or lifting and moving heavy items ... meaning I need to relinquish the heavy duty tasks and hand over the reigns to Jon - eeek!

We're a month in to life in our new house now, and most rooms are starting to come together...but it hasn't been without its mishaps!
We were left with two very old and outdated looking wardrobes in the bedroom which I wanted to throw out but Jon was up for the challenge of upcycling them and given that my beloved Ikea wardrobes failed to survive the move, I had to reluctantly agree!

Jon has done a pretty good job over all but sadly he didn't take in to account that closing the doors of the wardrobe while the paint was wet would result in some seriously stuck doors! Whoops!

It's been a challenge trying to get things done in the new house with a toddler around too, and of course we've just had Christmas ... meaning an influx of new toys needing homes!

No matter how much I try to clear out old ones, there doesn't seem to be any room for all of the new things!

My lovely new bay window is currently filled with a kitchen, rocking horse and toy boxes - and I'll be damned if I can think of anywhere else to put them despite this house having a cellar, a loft AND a garage....everywhere is full!

And this is with just one child.....can you imagine having 3 like the woman in the video below?!

So my focus lately has been very much on finding storage solutions for childrens toys!

My ideal would be the gorgeous cube storage from Ikea which looks so functional and affordable, but typically there is no Ikea near us and they want to charge us almost the cost of the unit again in delivery fees! Eeek!

So I've taken to Pinterest in my search....and I have to say. I've been impressed by some peoples creative storage solution ideas!

How do you manage to keep your home relatively tidy with little ones and their endless possessions around?

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