Monday, 19 January 2015

My Third Trimester Essentials

I am now almost 29 weeks pregnant, and so today I am sharing the items that are helping me to get through the third and final trimester of pregnancy!

There are approximately 10 weeks to go for me (eeek!) as I will be having a scheduled c-section - so far in the third trimester I have struggled with lots of anemia-induced tiredness, gallstone pain, and emotional stress as well as the more normal pregnancy-related problems such as itchy and irritated skin on my ever-growing bump! 

The following items are the things I'm relying to help me through these issues until babies arrival!

Aveeno Moisturising Lotion - I suffer with dry and irritable skin constantly, but this becomes so much worse during pregnancy. In particular in this pregnancy I have suffered with lots of itching on my bump as it continues to grow, and medical staff are always commenting on the scratches on it - I look like I've been attacked by a gang of blood thirsty cats!

I asked for some product suggestions to help calm the itching and dryness on social media, and most people suggested I try Aveeno - I gave it a go and have found it to be very soothing. It doesn't completely cure the problems but it certainly helps a great deal!

Maternelle Mum To Be Relaxing Bath Soak - this was a product that was included in my recent Project-B box and I have really loved using. I find myself feeling too weak and dizzy to shower often and so tend to have a soak in the bath most evenings instead, this product smells lovely but isn't too over powering and seems to really help me to relax!

Tinybeats App - This was quite a recent discovery of mine, but one I have really enjoyed!
This app basically uses the mic on my Ipad to detect babies heartbeat - acting as a fetal doppler! How clever is that?!

It does state that it may not work until 30 weeks gestation, but I have been using it since I first discovered it at 25 weeks and it has always picked up babies heartbeat really well for me. 

What I love about this app is that it allows you to record babies heartbeat to play back whenever you want!

Maternity Pillow - I've been using the Kit For Kids Heat Regulating Cuddle Me Pillow and it has been such a lifesaver!

I'm at the point now where the weight of my bump feels uncomfortable and pulls on me when I lay on my side, so having the pillow to tuck underneath really helps - I've also been getting a lot of leg cramps and pain in my hip too and I've found that positioning the pillow between my knees while I sleep helps to relieve some pressure and ease these aches and cramps.

The pillow is just the right length to allow me to position it under my head, under the bump and between my knees all at once without being overly long - I've found some previous maternity pillows I've tried have been excessively long and I can't stand the claustrophobic it gives me to be surrounded by so much pillow! This one doesn't give me that problem at all.

The heat regulating fabric is ideal as it helps to regulate my body temperature.

Do/did you have any essential products to help you through the last weeks of pregnancy? I'd love to hear about them!

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