Monday, 19 January 2015

Time For A Bigger Family Car!

There's one thing in my life that always makes me a little embarrassed to admit - at the grand old age of 33, I still don't know how to drive!

Well...that's not strictly true...I do KNOW how to drive...but I have never taken my test and so am still a learner driver!

There's really no excuse for this as my parents first paid for a block of lessons for me when I was 17...then again at 18, 19...and pretty much every few years since then!

They even bought me a car a few years ago to encourage me to take my test - I love my little blue C3 - but sadly, it didn't work - I have still never attempted even my theory test, let alone the practical one!

I don't know why except that I get SO bored of taking driving lessons....but it's something I really wish I would just knuckle down and get done!

I've wanted to pass my test to drive my little C3 for ages, but now that baby number 2 is almost here - it's sadly time to sell her as she just isn't big enough for 2 children and a large pram!

So we've been wondering about what kind of family car we should move on to!

I have to admit - I am not a car person at all - I see people talk about them a lot but it all bores me, I have no idea about different makes and models - to me a car is a car, and as long as it moves without breaking down that's pretty much all I need from it!

But I know Jon is much more interested and after all - he's the one who'll be driving it for the foreseeable future!

He's been browsing through lists of Vcars for a while now, so here's hoping we find something suitable soon!

What sort of family car would you recommend? I'd love to hear from you!

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