Monday, 16 February 2015

Baby Boy Haul So Far!

With only 8 weeks left to go before new baby boy arrives, it really is time for us to start focusing and getting things ready!

By this stage in my pregnancy with Tyne, we had his whole wardrobe purchased and sorted into boxes of Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months! We even had a good start toward his 12-18 month clothing....all by the time I was about halfway through my pregnancy!

This time around....I've barely done any shopping at all! Whoops!

So with the January sales last month, I decided it was time to fix that somewhat and make a start on buying some newborn bits & pieces!

Here's what I picked up in the sales:

This little set was the first thing we bought when we found out we were expecting - we wanted something unisex but it was almost impossible to find anything! We eventually found this in Matalan and Tyne chose it - I love the "Hello Little One" text and the cute little teddy bear hat! 

I plan on having new baby wear this when he meets his big brother for the first time!

This cute cream coat with Disney Dumbo detailing was actually something we bought for Tyne that he never got around to wearing! 
I found it when I was sorting through his old clothes and it still has all the labels on and everything - so I need to make sure that this baby actually wears it!

This cute little romper from Next was too adorable not to buy - I just love anything with the little brother text on!

Tyne had one of these sleepsuits from Next featuring the year of his birth and I absolutely loved it as not only was it a super cute sleepsuit, but it's a lovely keepsake too! So I couldn't wait to get down to Next and get one for this year for the new baby too! I think they're a real bargain for only £6.50 too!

I love little cardi's for babies and I fell in love with this one from John Lewis when I saw it online! I really want to get some proper hand knitted ones too, I got some for Tyne last time from a market stall near where my Mum lives as none of my family knit...I'll have to try to source some again this time!

I'm a sucker for Cath Kidston so I couldn't resist the Cath Kids range of onesies - I'm not usually a fan of bright colours on new babies so I got this onesie in size 3-6 months - I think it's really cute!

As I've mentioned before, Emil Et Rose are one of my all time favourite boutique brands so I HAD to buy something from their collection for new baby!
This little baby blue teddy onesie comes with a matching hat and teddy bear, and was £31.50 - so sweet and the quality is amazing!

I'm always a bit stuck on what to put the babies in when they're too little for sleeping bags, so when I saw this little newborn sleep sack in John Lewis it seemed worth a try! 

Another one with a bit more colour and no feet this time is this Daddy's Run Of Sunshine romper from John's quite bright blue with yellow detailing so again I got it in size 3-6 months.

And in keeping with that theme, this little vest was completely necessary!

I'm such a sucker for baby blue and light colours when it comes to baby clothes - I'm not at all a fan of bright colours or monochrome on newborns but sadly for me those are very much the fashion at the moment so it's pretty hard to find much around in baby blue!

So I was delighted to find this gorgeous striped knitted romper in Mothercare, along with this cute "I love mummy & daddy" sleepsuit!

This "There's A Nap For That" romper from Next just really tickled me when I saw the slogan, and I love the grey cloud design too - so sweet!

I don't think you can ever have enough dribble bibs with a baby around, so I grabbed these while I was in Matalan too.

And this cute outfit was obviously a necessary purchase's true! This little guy has the best big brother in the world....and he needs to know it from the start! ;)

The cute little "Best Big Brother" doll is for the new baby to give to Tyne as a gift when they first sweet?!

This cute baby Choo Choo sleeping bag from Slumbersac is ADORABLE - I love the denim look of the material, it looks nice and cosy but its only 1.0 tog so won't be too hot for the May/June time that baby will be wearing it...the train design is so sweet too!

I love Slumbersac as their products always wash so well, and they have such adorable designs available.

They have sleeping bags available in a range of togs, from 0.5 up to 3.5 and available in sizes from 0-6 months to 12-36 months.

Tyne wore them from the age of about 2 months until he moved into his toddler bed at 20 months, and we always loved them!

To view their full range, visit

And finally, I picked up a couple of £1 bargains that I just couldn't leave there!

This red "little captain" shirt will be great if we do manage to get on any cruises this year....

And this Peek A Boo vest is the size baby will be in for Hallowe'en....sorted!

And finally I also picked up some newborn Essentials in the John Lewis sale - a pack of 5 vests which was reduced to £3, 2 pairs of bootees which were £2, a 2 pack of scratch mitts for £2 and a set of 3 Baby Blue patterned sleepsuits which were reduced to £4!

I'd say we now have his newborn outfits pretty much sorted, but I really need to make a start on some 0-3 and 3-6 items at least so I'm a bit more prepared!

The checklist of items we need this time is nowhere near as long as it was with Tyne obviously - we already have our dream pram, my Mum & Dad are very kindly buying us my dream crib, we have plenty of blankets that were unopened from when Tyne was born, we have bottles, a changing bag, we have a monitor and a themometer, we have lots of baby seats and swings etc....

The things we still need to buy are:

*Drawers for the nursery
*Shelves for the nursery
*Lightshade and curtains for the nursery
*Wall art for the nursery
*A couple more baby sleeping bags
*A new steriliser
*A new baby bath
*Some vests

And I also really need to get my hospital bag packed and ready!

Am I missing anything?! I feel like I should be so much better prepared this time but I have a niggling feeling that I'm forgetting something majorly important!

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