Saturday, 14 February 2015

Bump Watch 2: 32 Weeks

Well I'm a little late with my Bump Watch as I'm actually very nearly at the 33 week point now, but never late than never right?!

I had intended to put the update up after my midwife appointment yesterday but I ended up not actually going to it - Whoops!!!

Tyne wasn't very well yesterday so I re-scheduled it for next week instead!

I haven't had any more appointments since my last update, but I am due to see the endocrine specialist next week to discuss my thyroid condition and how it will be managed and monitored after the birth as well as discussing the antibodies tests and how they'll be monitoring the new baby after the birth too.

When Tyne was born he had to have a couple of blood tests over the first few days and we then had to take him back for a 3rd one a week or so later just to check his thryoid was functioning normally - I'm not sure if it will be the same this time as I'm not on medication now like I was then, but I'd be interested to find out.

Unfortunately since my last update, I have been RIDICULOUSLY unwell with the gallbladder.

I don't know what happened but all of a sudden I was being sick all day every day, unable to get out of bed and having terrible tummy troubles all the time - I totted up that I'd had 12 sick-in-bed days in a 2 week period! NOT fun at all.

So I went to my Dr and he agreed to refer me for an ultrasound to check whats happening with the gallbladder since nobody has actually looked at it since I was last pregnant 2 years ago.

In the meantime, I did follow some advice from a friend who's mother found that eating wheat products made her gallbladder issues a lot worse - I decided to do a little wheat-free trial run and to my amazement I have not been poorly since!

I am now on my 5th consecutive day of being well, so I am definitely going to stick with the wheat-free thing at least until after the birth to see how I go on!

One very unexpected side effect of wheat-free eating is that my bump has shrunk in size since I made the switch!! 

In my last update I talked about how I was measuring full time and nobody knew why since the baby and fluids all measured normal - but perhaps a wheat intolerance was causing a lot of bloating?!

All I know is that last week my bump was so big that I couldn't reach my feet to put my own shoes on anymore - but now I can reach them pretty easily!

The pictures in this update where taken BEFORE I started the wheat free diet, so we'll see if theres any noticable difference in next weeks photos!

In other news, baby boys name has now been decided and we just have the middle name left to choose!

We have also made a good start on the nursery - I know he'll be in our room for the first 6 months but I didn't fancy trying to get a room ready with a toddler AND newborn in tow, so we want it all completed before he arrives!

The feature wall is finished (And now has a nice wall art quote on it!) , we just need his drawers, curtains and a few finishing decorative touches - all being well it should be completed within the next 2 weeks! Yippee!!!

Baby is VERY active tummy is constantly moving around by itself and I can often feel body parts sticking out here and there!

I have yet to have the feeling of feet on my ribs like I had with Tyne, instead this baby seems to prefer kicking downwards and trying to find an escape route...OUCH!!!!!

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