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Childhood Circumcision: Weighing Up The Pros & Cons

Circumcision is a matter of parental choice. But, for many new and expectant parents, they want to make sure that they are making the right choices for their children. Circumcision is said to promote good health. Evidence suggests it’s an effective way of making sure that your son is in a safe place to combat perilous diseases.
Of course, some parents approach the issue of circumcision with trepidation. It’s vital that you are armed with the facts so that you can make an informed choice. As a parent, it’s necessary that you are in the know. What’s more, it’s important that you make a decision for your child and their future.
In England, many families choose to circumcise their sons based on cultural and religious beliefs. However a small number of families are choosing to opt for this procedure for hygiene, good health and of course some parents want their kids to be like their father.
The Benefits of Circumcising Your Child
Circumcised infants are less likely to contract UTIs. UTIs can be painful in children, but it also prevents these issues from arising as children grow older. UTIs are common among most children and adults. But, when a male has been circumcised his chances of contracting a UTI are lessened to less than 1%.
What’s more, circumcised males are less likely to suffer from penile cancer. As a result of this, they are essentially safeguarded from this rare, yet devastating disease.
But, more interestingly, circumcision can often provide a defence against sexually transmitted infections. Moreover, HIV can actively be prevented from undergoing this procedure. Studies have been conducted, largely with African males. The findings of this study have been an enormous factor in the rise in circumcision in the region to attempt to control the epidemic. At the moment, this is one of the biggest reasons why many males and parents with sons are undergoing the circumcision treatment. Aids and HIV can easily be prevented with this kind of treatment.
As you can, see there are a myriad of sexual and preventative health benefits from undergoing this procedure.
The Risks of Circumcision
All surgical procedures carry an element of risk. For many new parents, this can be a worrying time. Often, the threat of surgical risk is what puts many parents off the operation. But, it’s important to remember that risks are part of surgery. Complications can arise, such as infections or bleeding. But, these are easily treated and will not create problems in the future.
As such, it’s important to remember to seek out a qualified, experienced and reputable surgeon. Opting for a specialist circumcision doctor is important. That way, you can be rest assured that your baby is in good hands.
Should I Get My Baby Circumcised? The Parents Choice
As with any medical treatment, there are pros and cons to surgery. When it comes to our children, the subject is more emotive than ever. It’s imperative that you make an informed choice. Ultimately, as a parent, it’s down to you to choose the right medical path for you and your family.
Where to get circumcised?
If you do decide to circumcise, it’s really important you choose somewhere reputable. Please don’t use a religious practitioner, go to a doctor! Private hospitals and generally quite expensive and unnecessary considering it’s a minor operation, so private circumcision clinics have set up all over the UK. Unfortunately there isn’t a good directory for circumcision clinics (although one seems to be under construction) but there are many all over the UK. The most important factors seem to be experience and reviews so ones like Birmingham Circumcision Clinic, IMC Circumcision London (see Google reviews) and Ashton Medical (Leeds) (although they only do babies under 12 weeks old). In Scotland, there’s the famous Edinburugh Clinic although this one seems quite expensive.

Good luck!

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