Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Choosing the right Fridge Freezer for your home

As some of you may know, not long before Christmas, our little family moved house.

With our little family soon to become a little larger by one extra new member, we decided a new fridge freezer was required.
Now you may or may not know this, but there is a whole world of choice out there. So, before rushing in and buying the first nice shiny new box to stand in the corner of our nice shiny new kitchen however, we decided to do a little research in to the world of fridge freezers.

Here are the tips we found really useful when making our choice:

1)      Size: Believe it or not, fridge freezers do not come in a one size fits all kitchens range. So with tape measure in hand, Jon diligently measured the space in our kitchen, thereby narrowing our (at the time) bewildering choice.

2)      Colour: White goods no longer come in just white. We wanted something that would fit in with the colours in our kitchen and look seamless. List narrowed further (Yay!)

3)      Plumbing: This may sound odd, but if you’re after an ice dispensing fridge, it may need plumbing in to the water supply. Worth considering.

4)      Getting it in to the new house: Whilst a huge American fridge freezer would be lovely, getting one through the doors was a serious consideration. Measurements taken, and list narrowed further!

5)      Which direction does the fridge freezer door open?: Again, simplistic but often overlooked by many. It’s no good having a fridge whose doors cannot be opened due to constraints of a wall or other appliances.

6)      Energy efficiency: All large modern electrical goods now come rated from A to G. Fridge freezers even come rated from A+++ to G. A+++ being super-duper efficient, G being well, not so! Not just for the good of the planet, but for the good of our purse strings as well.

7)      Capacity: How much food can it hold and can I keep all my fizzy drinks cold? We needed something big enough for four. Large enough to hold fresh fruit and veg, as well as milk and juices and all the other food stuffs our fam gets through.

8)      Features: What whistles and bells come with it, and do we really need them? Extra’s such as ice water dispensing, digital displays, multiple chiller drawers, freshness indicators for food, and reminders of use by dates are becoming more and more commonplace on fridge freezers. You can even get some that can remind you via an app on your smart phone when something is about to go off. Beats sticking your nose in to something that may not smell so fresh!

Written in conjunction with Panasonic

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