Monday, 23 February 2015

How to Baby-proof Your Stylish Living Room

Just because you are a parent does not mean your main living areas have to lack any semblance of style. While the arrival of children in your lives changes almost everything in your world, your home is still yours – and will become even more of a centre for your family now that it is expanding. Believe it or not, it is possible to make your room stylish and baby-proof as well. Below are a few guidelines to help you on the way.

Cushioned Surfaces

Babies – and toddlers – fall and knock into things quite a lot, so consider softening up your living room with thick rugs or carpets, and cushioned seats like beanbags or huge throw pillows. Think about using darker colours as babies are also quite messy; spills, spit-ups, and ‘accidents’ are common ‘hazards’ if your living room is all done up in whites and beiges. If you’re not sure where to start, browse through the websites of industry specialists such as Stainmaster and see what is available.

Table These Alternatives

Avoid hard wooden tables – and glass topped ones too. A storage ottoman not only makes the perfect baby-friendly coffee table, but it’s a great place to keep things that you don’t want the little one to handle, like your best coasters and any breakables. You can pop them away when your child is playing in the room, and bring them out again of an evening, or when you have company.

Furniture Features

Make sure any living room furniture is solid; that is, will not fall over too easily when a little one tries to pull themselves up, using the table or chair for balance. Delicate, spindly chair legs and tables like those seen in the ‘shabby chic’ décor are unlikely to be a good option for your restyled living room.

Get Down!

One of the best ways to baby-proof your stylish living room is to see it from your baby’s point of view. Get down on your knees – or better still, your belly. Then look around and see what’s in your line of sight – what cords can you see? Any dangerous or unhealthy decorative items at that level? Fireplace cornices? Large freestanding vases and plant pots? Decorative flowers in bottle of marbles? Do you have one of those standing cigarette ash holders? A hookah? Whatever your décor, now is the time to review it all with new eyes, and with your child’s safety in mind.
It is possible to be both child safe and stylish when you’re undertaking a home decorating project. It’s just a matter of being clever with the pieces of furniture you pick, and bearing in mind what will work for you and your growing young family. With the right kind of soft furnishings and sturdy tables and chairs, your living room can be as classy as you like, while still providing a safe environment for your baby.

Do you have any hints or tips for baby-proofing a living room, while keeping the space stylish? Share your insights in the comments box below.

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