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How To Make Marzipan Topped Heart Biscuits

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about gifts to shower your loved one with. Chocolates are firm favourites at this time of year, and who doesn’t like receiving a sweet treat whatever the day is. 

But instead of buying, why not bake instead. 

This marzipan topped heart biscuit recipe is quick, simple, delicious and just a little bit romantic.

The great thing is that with coloured marzipans now available there’s no need to agonise over colourings, just buy yourself a pack of red and pink marzipan and you’re all set.

Ingredients For Your Marzipan Heart Biscuits

This biscuit recipe couldn’t be easier. All you need are three ingredients:

* 125g/4oz butter
* 55g/2oz caster sugar
* 180g/6oz plain flour

You will also need a heart shaped biscuit cutter.

First preheat your oven to 190oC/375oF and while it’s heating up make up your biscuit dough.

1. Take your butter and sugar and place in a large mixing bowl. Mix together until you have a smooth, creamy paste.

2. Gradually stir in your sieved flour. Combine until you have a firm dough.

3. Wrap the biscuit dough in cling film and refrigerate for about 30 minutes.

4. Lightly dust your work surface with flour and then roll out the dough. You may want to add some flour to your rolling pin too. As you roll it out move the dough around to stop it sticking.

5. Take your heart cutter and press out your biscuits placing them on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

6. Bake your biscuits for between 15 and 20 minutes. They should be a pale golden colour.

7. Once baked, remove and allow the biscuits to cool on a wire rack.

Decorating Your Marzipan Heart Biscuits

Once your biscuits have cooled you’re ready to decorate your biscuits. You’ll need the following:

* Red marzipan
* Pink marzipan
* Apricot jam

You can leave your biscuits decorated with marzipan, they’ll be beautiful and delicious, but you could also think about adding these for an extra decorative flourish:

* Chocolate beans
* Sugar pearls – ideally pink
* Love Hearts

Before you start decorating take some apricot jam and put it in a saucepan with a little water. Bring it to the boil while stirring until it forms a runny gel then transfer into a bowl.

1. Using a brush, give the top of each biscuit a light coating of apricot jam.

2. Dust your work surface with icing sugar then knead and roll out your pink and red marzipan to a depth of about 3mm.

3. Cut the marzipan with your heart cutter and then simply lay the marzipan hearts onto the biscuits, pressing them into place gently.

Once the jam has set and glued the marzipan in place you can then decorate the tops with chocolate beans, sugar pearls and any other additional product you want.

Put these marzipan biscuits in a nice box, wrapped with a bow and present them to your partner on Valentine’s Day as a special gift full of your love and hard work. 

Don’t forget to enjoy a couple yourself too. 

After all Valentine’s Day is all about sharing the love!

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