Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Is cosmetic surgery cheaper abroad then in the UK and what are the risks

Cosmetic surgery can be a very beneficial procedure that can help a person not only look better but also feel better about their overall self image. Many people question: “Is cosmetic surgery cheaper abroad than in the UK and what are the risks”? The cost is definitely lower abroad but there are additional risks involved with having any type of surgery performed in a different country. Ideally, it is wise for people to do a great deal of research first before making any decisions or booking any surgeries. When it comes down to a final decision, safety is far more important than they few dollars that will be saved.

Money Before Safety

There are qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons located all over the world but when somebody is looking to have their procedure performed in a different location than where they live they are usually looking for a good deal. This means they are going to be shopping around for a surgeon based on price not based on experience or qualifications. Keep in mind you have travel costs to consider when going to another country for cosmetic surgery. Often times you need to travel back to the location for aftercare so all in all you wouldn’t be saving as much money as you would like in the long run.


There are all different levels of standards and guidelines all over the world. While the UK has a high level of standards that surgeons perform by, some of the other countries that offer these same surgeries don’t follow many rules. Cleanliness alone can be a big difference in multiple locations and an infection caused by unsanitary facility conditions can lead to serious health issues and even death. A surgeon in the UK that performs malpractice in some form faces serious consequences while other countries overlook a lot of what goes on.

Aftercare Issues

In the UK when a surgeon performs cosmetic surgery on someone they are required to follow up with that patient. Some form of aftercare is required. In most other countries this aftercare is not required and it is often not provided because many people end up traveling back home as soon as possible.


The trip to the country where the surgery is going to take place might be an easy trip but many patients end up traveling home before they are medically ready. While it may seem easy to relax on a plane or in a vehicle for a long ride home, traveling before fully healed can be dangerous. This often puts a person at a higher risk of blood clot, stroke and so on.

Language Barrier

Depending on where you were looking to have cosmetic surgery done, there could potentially be a language barrier involved. While you may be able to communicate with your surgeon and the staff for the most part there could potentially be an issue with how well two people from two different locations understand one another. This could result in a patient not understanding the risks of a surgery fully.

Cosmetic Surgery Partners is located in the UK and the surgeons at this location are dedicated to performing top of the line, affordable cosmetic surgery options to all of their patients. Aftercare is of the highest standard and patients can trust that they are receiving proper care at this facility. When it comes to cosmetic surgery money should not be a factor. The end result and the safety of the procedure should be two of the main concerns.

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