Monday, 23 February 2015

My Baby Essentials vs Unnecessary Extras!

There's always a lot of talk about which items are actially necessary for a new baby and which are just additional clutter to waste your money on.

Personally, I think this very much depends on the person - what one person considers useful another may think a total waste of time.

But for arguments sake, here is my list!

Baby Essentials

Changing Bag - some women seem to be able to get by with a standard hand bag, I always hoped I'd be one of those women since I was never too keen on changing bags but I soon realised this was not going to happen. Babies come with a distressing amount of things that need to be taken on every single outing - far too much for a standard bag to comfortably hold!

Microwave steriliser - While I was pregnant with Tyne, sterilisers were a bit of a minefield to me. There were so many different kinds to choose from and I didn't know where to start! My sister told me that microwave ones were easiest, and I have to say she was right!

Changing Mat - Another thing I was unsure about pre-baby was changing mats. Surely they're just as comfortable being changed on the bed or sofa?! Well...yes, they may be...but the contents of a babies nappy can reach surprising places! A changing mat is MUCH easier to clean than your bedding or cushion covers! Changing mats from Tesco can cost less than £10 and are well worth the investment!

Water Wipes - When I realised that using baby wipes isn't recommend for the 6 weeks of a babies life, I was horrified at the idea of having to use cotton wool and water - how inconvenient?! Fortunately I discovered water wipes which can be used from birth and I couldn't have been without them - particularly during my post c-section hospital stay!

Aquaint Sanitising Spray - Tyne had a dummy from an early age which he was constantly dropping, so this stuff was a lifesaver on trips out!

Breathing monitor - An expensive addition to my list but certainly the one item that gave me the most of peace of mind.

Unnecessary Extras

Nappy disposal bin - Something I bought last time that never came out of its box. The standard bin is just as easy to use and who needs one more thing to remember to empty out?!!!

Nappy stacker bag - I fail to see the point?!! We keep our nappies in the packaging they come in, in a cupboard. Do they need to be kept in a pretty pouch which just needs to be refilled all the time?!

Wipe warmer - In my opinion, the faster a human being (no matter how small) learns the harsh life lesson that nobody really cares if their rear end is cold when being wiped...the better for them!

Wipe dispenser - Again, I just don't see the point. In 2 years of using wipes, I have never struggled enough in getting one out of the package that I have thought "Oooh I really wish this was in an additional case..."....

Muslin Cloths - A controversial one, as I see these on EVERYBODY's must have lists - I bought plenty of them when I was having Tyne. Guess how many I used? None. Ever.

Maybe it's coz I didn't breastfeed, maybe it's coz he was never a sicky baby - maybe it'll be different this time - but I swear, Tyne has reached the age of 2 without ever needing a muslin.

What would be on your must have and unnecessary extras lists?

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