Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Wavy Hair Look featuring Babyliss

When it comes to hair idols, mine has to be Blake Lively....her gorgeous curly thick hair always stand out to me and I have tried so many times to try to recreate her look....and always failed miserably!

So when I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Salon Soft Curls from the Boutique by Babyliss hair tools range I was excited! Would these hold the key to unlocking Blake's hair secrets!?
The Boutique styling tool collection is all about combining high fashion styling with top salon performance and quality.

I was really struck by the beautiful packaging when it arrived - I've come to expect products by companies such as Babyliss to leave the first impressions down to the hair tool themselves, but the soft pink and rose gold detailing on the box here was something a bit special and made it feel that little bit more exciting!

So here's what the hair tool looks like....

I have to admit, when I first saw frightened me a bit! It doesn't look like anything I've used experience with hair tools has been limited to straighteners, tongs and rollers...and this wasn't anything like any of the above!

It has a long straight barrel and no clasp like you would usually find on tongs...the idea is that you manually wrap the hair around the barrel with your fingers and hold in place.

There are 5 different heat settings for different hair types - personally my hair is somewhere between normal and fine, so I used the second lowest setting which I found ample.

I brushed through my hair and did a small section at a time.

I have to admit, I did struggle at first to get my head around how to position the styler and how to wrap the hair around in the correct way but after a few tries I got into the swing of it! 

There is a heat resistant glove included to use on the hand that you're using to wrap the hair around the styler - this is an excellent idea (I have burned myself more than once in my life on tongs and straighteners!) and I'd definitely recommend wearing it as I found my hand coming in to contact with the styler quite often - which would definitely have resulted in a few squeals had it not been for the glove! did it turn out?

Overall I was really happy with the look!

The styler gave me very soft, loose beach-style curls which I really liked...and the look stayed in pretty well for most of the day too with minimal hairspray.

I'll definitely use these a lot, particularly in the summer months as I think this gives a perfect beach-ready hair look!

Boutique by Babyliss Salon Soft Curls is available for £40.00 HERE

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