Saturday, 14 February 2015

Our Valentines Plans

So today is Valentine's Day...the time of year when social media feeds are flooded with two types of people...those who celebrate it and those who don't.

Sure there may be the precious few among those on my friends list who don't care either way, but as they sit firmly on the fence the voices of those with an opinion on the matter are loud and clear...

Their relationship status is no indication of which team they'll be rooting for....there are the single people out there who still love to celebrate with a romantic movie and eternal optimism, and there are those in long term relationships who just love to use the day to shout about how they don't "Need a day to show affection to their partner...."..."It's all a gimmick invented by the card companies anyway...."..."My partner shows me they love me everyday"....Blah blah blah.

It's the same thing every year and always will be.

In this house - much like with pretty much every other calendar event - Valentines Day will be noted and celebrated.

I've made my stance on these things very clear many times before - I cannot think of anything more dull than living life without marking these little events.

Without these "holidays" and occasions to break up the months, life would be pretty mundane - we'd all be doing the same old things day in and day out, and every day would be much the same as the one before.

I welcome the chance to celebrate an occasion and do something a little different with open arms.

Just like I look forward to and celebrate Christmas with gusto every year, and just like I enjoy every Hallowe'en, New Year and every other occasion...we will be marking the arrival of Valentines Day.

I've done this ever since I can remember...long before I was in a relationship...My parents (the very people from whom I get this "celebrate the occasions!" attitude, obviously) threw a Valentines Day dinner party every single year and people would come and enjoy the dinner, play a few tongue-in-cheek games and have a great time ... me and my sister would always be part of those celebrations and we loved it!

My mum also usually gave us a little Valentines gift each year - just something small like a chocolate rose, but it was fun.

And this is something I'll do with my own kids too - Tyne will have this a littleValentines box to wake up to on Valentines Morning - nothing fancy, just some chocolate and a little teddy bear.

He'll have a suitably Valentines themed breakfast and the occasion will be marked!

That evening Jon & I will be celebrating with our friends Colin & Sarah, who are also expecting a baby soon - Sarah & I will be enjoying some alcohol-free fizz together and maybe play a game of Mr & Mrs which is what my Mum & Dad would play every year with their dinner guests - it always ends up being such a good laugh!

I've picked out something red & Valentines-y to wear....

I absolutely LOVE this new bag from Curvissa - it's an oxblood red so not too bright, and I absolutely love the detailing - it's a perfect size for carrying about Tyne's bits & pieces as well as my own things!

I'm loving the chance to carry a proper grown-up bag again - even if just for a few weeks before it's time to go back to changing bags when new baby boy is born!

The bag is available from Curvissa

On the evening itself, we'll be enjoying one of Tesco's fantastic value Finest Valentines Special Meal Deals - we recently sampled some of the items on offer and we were so impressed!

The offer consists of TWO starters, TWO mains, TWO sides and TWO desserts plus either a bottle of wine or soft drink, or a box of chocolates - for just £20!

On offer this year there is:

A la Carte Lamb Shank with roasted Vegetables, Duck ragu fettucine, A la carte with heart shaped butters and many many more delicious options!

We love the chocolate eclairs with writing icing - such a sweet little touch!

So that's how our Valentines will be spent! 

However you're spending yours, I hope you have a wonderful day!

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