Friday, 13 February 2015

Quick & Easy Valentines Day Toddler Breakfast!

With Valentines Day upon us tomorrow, those with my own personal organisational skills (resembling those of a monkey) will probably be in a flap right now wondering what to do to mark the occasion!

I realised while out last night that I actually hadn't even bought a card for Jon, let alone anything sweet and Valentines-y to mark the day for Tyne!

Thankfully I realised this while in a supermarket - so three items and less than £5 later I was sorted!

We'll be making this day with the quickest and easiest Valentines Day breakfast ever!

I picked up these super cute heart shaped crumpets from Asda - with some thinly sliced strawberries (choosing the ones that most resembled a heart shape!), a drizzle of honey and a teeny sprinkling of sugar on I then popped them under the grill for a few minutes and voila!

Sweet, simple and seasonal!

I think this is such a cute little Valentines Day treat for toddlers, but it works equally well as a little breakfast in bed surprise for your partner too - those of us with Joint accounts can find it pretty difficult to buy treats for these occasions as retailers showing up on bank statements can be a giveaway where surprises are concerned - but something like this purchased from the supermarket can easily slip under the radar!

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  1. Love the heart shaped crumpets, we got some from Tesco today :) xx

  2. Ah that looks lovely! I am obsessed with crumpets but always go for marmite, might have to go for sweet to make them look pretty ;) xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  3. Love this adorable idea, they look yummy! x


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