Friday, 20 February 2015

Tyne Talks: Reasons My Pregnant Mummy Is Crying....

Today's post is guest written by toddler son Tyne!

A couple of weeks ago, my little friend Isabelle's mummy wrote on her blog Natural Momma In Me a list of reasons why Isabelle had cried that week.

This has become a bit of a trend with the big people lately, they seem to think the reasons us toddlers cry are a bit silly...

Personally, I can't see anything wrong with Isabelle's reasons for crying...what's wrong with wanting to drive the car?! And it IS annoying when your book finishes before you're done reading!  (I'm on your side Isabelle, #toddlerhoodunite!)

But it got me's not just toddlers who cry for silly reasons you know. Big people do it too!

ESPECIALLY when they've got babies in their tummies like my Mummy has!

So I thought it was only fair that I shared all the silly reasons why My Pregnant Mummy has cried this week....

*She put face wash on her hair instead of conditioner

*She saw an advert about babies on TV

*I looked sweet when I was asleep

*Her clothes were too tight (You have a baby in your tummy, mummy!)

*Daddy got fingerprints on the bathroom taps

*Because "nobody else ever cleans the bathroom"

*Because Daddy cleaned the bathroom and put things back in "the wrong place"

*Because Subway had no Roast Beef left

*The baby was wiggling and it hurt

*The baby hadn't wiggled for a while

*The car ran out of petrol and she didn't feel like buying more

*Because she slept for too long one day

*Because she hadn't had enough sleep one night

* The takeaway hadn't put enough curry sauce on her rice

See what I mean?!

And they say toddlers are unreasonable!! Pah! Try living with a pregnant mummy! #hurryupbaby!

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