Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What Instagram Didn't Tell You.....

Ahh Instagram...such a beloved app by bloggers far and wide, but isn't it just all too easy to make life look effortlessly glamorous and wonderful with the assistance of the Amaro filter and a bit of creative cropping?!

Today I'm coming out of the Instagram closet to share the truth behind some of my recent Instagram "snaps"....

My recent Bump Watch photograph - oh look at me...all big smiles, proudly displaying my bump, not a care in the world.

What this photo does NOT show you is that not 10 minutes after it was taken, I was laying on my bed crying with my legs in the air while poor old Jon administered yet more hemorrhoid cream because I have bum grapes that belong in a Guiness Book Of Records.

Yay Pregnancy.

Ahhh...such a lovely snapshot of Tyne lovingly stroking my bump.

This photo accompanied a blog post all about how I'm encouraging him to bond with the baby before its born.

My intentions are all good of course....but since this photo was taken he's developed a new favourite thing to do with the bump....hit it.

Yep...he likes to come up, give it a good old whack and say "HIT THE BABY!!!"....

And when asked what he's going to do when the baby is born...his response is, yep you guessed it!, "HIT THE BABY!"....I think we may have a slight case of the Damien's on our hands.....

This photo was proudly displayed on my Instagram feed a few weeks ago, showing our new wall decor in the dining room.

I MAY have forgotten to mention that it took 3 hours and a LOT of excessive swearing to actually complete the job....oh and a lot of arguments too, big ones....there were nearly lawyers involved....

This was my proud little display of my fabulously diverse cooking skills showing my attempt at some handmade Mediterranean lamb koftes with brown rice  ... yes I was quite proud of that meal! It was very tasty too!

Although Instagram failed to show you that I had to eat it with my hand wrapped in a wet bandage because I'd burned it THAT badly on the grill when I accidentally set fire to the original set of kebab sticks.....

Does YOUR Instagram account hold any hidden secrets?! Feel like sharing? Come'll make me feel better!

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