Saturday, 28 March 2015

38 Week Bump Watch PLUS baby name, date & weight competition!

Welcome to yet another edition of Bump Watch for Baby Number 2!

Please excuse the slightly deranged look on my face in the above photo but the end goal is now FINALLY in sight and I am getting pretty excited at the prospect of not being pregnant anymore!

This last week has been one of the most tough physically, and I am SO READY to get this baby born already and get some kind of normality back!

My 38 week bump update with Tyne was my last one as he was born at remains to be seen exactly how long is left with this one yet so who knows if we'll see a 39 week and 40 week Bump Watch update or not....but even if we do, it's still getting close to the end and that's exciting enough for me!

How I'm Feeling


The past week has been AGONY as far as my hips and back are concerned...I am never comfortable anymore. I can't find a comfortable position to sleep in. My hips ache all day long, I can barely walk, and now my back has started to really play up too....YAY!

I've been getting rolling waves of pain from my neck down to the base of my spine on and off all week...the pain is really overwhelming when it hits and I find it hard to talk or even breathe when it's there...the only thing that seems to help ease it is applying heat.

I've also been getting quite intense period pains low down in my bump which did have me a bit concerned a few nights ago...obviously I've never been in labour as Tyne was born by elective c-section so I don't know what it feels like, but I downloaded a contraction timer app and they were not regular at all so I didn't worry too much...they are still coming every now and then but I had a midwife appointment today and she is satisfied that baby isn't engaged or anything, so it's probably just braxton hicks.

The heartburn is still making its presence felt, and I've been suffering much more this week with gluten intolerance reactions which haven't been happening for ages as I've been avoiding gluten completely...I made a couple of mistakes this week though by drinking Dandelion & Burdock and eating an Easter Egg which I didn't realise had gluten in it and both times I was really hit by the reaction...more so than in the past so I'm wondering if it's related to the pregnancy as the reactions seem more intense the further on I get.

I know you're all jealous of my socks....don't hate ;)

Things To Do

The nesting instinct has well & truly kicked in....we've spent today organising cupboards, de-cluttering the fridge, sorting through Tyne's baby toys and getting loads of boxes ready of things to donate to charity to make's a slow process but I feel that we're getting there!

Tomorrow I plan on doing yet more cupboard de-cluttering, organising Tyne's new birthday toys, and deep cleaning the entire house...Jon will also have the job of assembling the pram and fitting the car seat tomorrow and I also have my hair appointment to go to.

That is then pretty much everything done and dusted!! At last!

I haven't done anything at all in the way of batch cooking, but to be fair we've all survived on Jon's cooking for the last few months anyway because I've been far too happy to use the pregnancy excuse to avoid the kitchen most of the really there's no need for anything to change once the baby is here!!

This weekend I plan on buying the last of what I need for Easter gifts, and having some chill out time...hopefully going out for a nice meal with Jon, spending a day relaxing and beautifying, and just trying to get myself nice and calm and prepared for what the coming couple of weeks may hold.

Wish me luck! 

This week I filmed another bump update, and I also added a "Whats In My Hospital Bag" video onto it...please excuse how miserable I look and sound though, I was really unwell when I filmed it and it REALLY shows....but I absolutely cannot be bothered to film it again so it'll have to do!

My FINAL name reveal is also included at the end!

Be sure to watch that if you want to take part in this next little thing....


Yep...we're playing it again!

When I had Tyne, I held a competition asking you all to guess the babies name, weight and date of bith...and the first person to get the closest answers won!

So I thought it'd be fun to do it again this time!

You already have a big clue toward the name if you watch the below video....the date will be some point between now and 10th April (hopefully!), and the weight could be anything although the last scan two weeks ago estimated the babies current weight at 6lbs 10 oz and predicted his birth weight to be between 7lbs 7oz and 8lbs.

So...if you'd like to take part, just complete all mandatory entries on the Rafflecopter form below to be eligible and then comment below and tell me:

a)What date do you think baby will be born?
b) What do you think he'll weigh?
and c)What do you think we'll name him?
Bonus Point: If you can guess what time he'll be born!

The person who gets the closest answers right FIRST will win!

And what's the prize?! A personalised Wall Sticker worth £40 from Vinyl Impression!

Terms & Conditions

*My decision on the winner is final and based on the first person to answer closest
*All mandatory entry requirements must be completed on the Rafflecopter form or your entry will be null & void
*Prize to be sent directly from company
*UK entrants only

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