Monday, 23 March 2015

Beach Days....How we're spending our last days as a family of 3!

The weather has definitely shifted toward the spring and summer lately, and that means one thing to us...BEACH TIME!

We absolutely LOVE getting away from it to spend time at the head is always full of travel plans and I'm already searching for this years holiday destination of choice, made all the easier by companies such as who make travel with little ones hassle free!!

Last Summer was our first living back in Devon since having Tyne, and we really made the most of living at the coast...and we plan to do exactly the same this year too!

Tyne's favourite thing by far to do is to go to the beach and dig in the sand.

He will happily sit for hours with his bucket and spade, just digging holes and making sandcastles.

Every now and then he likes to wander off to look at the sea, and see what ferries he can spot.

He loves seeing the dogs running around (Me not so much....).

He would spend all day every day there if we could.

He throws himself down onto the sand after having a good run around, and just lays there looking at the water...often face down which isn't very wise but he seems to enjoy it for some strange reason!

We're lucky where we live that we're surrounded by beaches...this weekend alone we've been to our two nearest ones, both within our town and less than 5 minutes drive from our house.

There are so many more close by least 20 that I can think of, so at least we won't run out of ones to visit through the summer!

I love being at the sea and I just find it so calming...I think we'll stick with this kind of day out once the new baby is born, a walk down to the beach with the pram will be nice on sunny days and baby & I can sit to the side and watch the view while Jon & Tyne play on the sand. 

It's odd the weather being so lovely right now, as 2 years ago when Tyne was born at this time of year it was heavy snow!

Such a contrast to the days we've been having here lately...not that I'm complaining!
I love our days chilling out by the beach, and I think we'll try to squeeze in as many as possible in the last couple of weeks before this new baby arrives....

Our last beach days as a family of 3 before a new chapter starts!

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