Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bump Watch 2: 36 Weeks...Weight estimate, c-section stress & name reveal?!

Yep...another late update!

I am now halfway to the 37 week mark!

C Section Date Stress

Unfortunately I STILL do not have my c-section date, despite being told by my midwife that I would have it "Early this week"...the week is now over and nothing has arrived!

I called her today to let her know and I was met with the usual unhelpful attitude of "That's not my jurisdiction" and "it'll come soon"...not really good enough considering it's supposed to be happening at 39 weeks, and I have NO childcare here in parents will be coming from Liverpool to look after Tyne while I go in to hospital to have the baby, and given that they have businesses to run and jobs to consider they really need some notice to be able to arrange leave - it's already only 2 and a half weeks away, so how short notice are we going to end up with?!

I kicked up a bit, and in the end she gave me a number to call on Monday if no date has come through by that's what I'll be doing.

Growth Scan and Hospital Appointments

I went for my growth scan and consultant appointment yesterday - the consultant appointment was fine, they tested my thyroid levels and have said I'll need to be checked again 4 weeks after the birth and then 5 months down the line. They also checked my blood pressure and urine, everything was all good.

The growth scan was good too - it's pretty impossible to make much out on the scans at this point as everything is too squashed in there, but the sonographer says everything looks good and on track - I asked if we should be expecting a 10lber and she said definitely not.

She said she estimates he's currently around 6lbs 10oz give or take half a pound, and that she'd guess he'd be between 7.7 - 8 lbs bigger than Tyne (who was 6lbs 14 oz born), but not so big that he won't fit into the clothes we've bought...which is good! *fingers crossed*

My next appointment is with my midwife next Friday and will be my final midwife appointment before the birth! Eeek!

How I'm Feeling

Symptoms are still not really an issue apart from the constant snuffly nose I have.

I have been feeling much more tired than usual though, especially come early evening and I've been struggling with getting around...I'm waddling SO MUCH now and I find it really painful to stay in one position too long at night and equally painful to try to change positions...not fun! So I tend to wake up feeling very stiff and sore, and spend my days hobbling around like an old lady.

My belly button has...much to my absolute horror...flattened out almost completely!

This never happened to me when I was having Tyne, my innie remained an innie throughout - belly buttons are my "cringe thing" that I cannot stand to even think about, so the thought that it may become an outie over the next couple of weeks seriously grosses me out...infact I was nearly sick when I saw it had flattened out! Eeew!

Movements are still really rigorous, and I spend most evenings having a panic that he's going to pop something with all the wriggling around and make an early appearance...fingers crossed that does not happen!

I am starting to feel really anxious about everything the end is getting nearer I'm spending more time thinking about the c-section and worrying about it all, and I'm also just worrying about coping with two children in general and the general worries of having a newborn again.


Not much left to do or buy at all....still need to get some curtains for the nursery, and buy a couple more vests, sleepsuits and hats and buy the playmat I want from Mothercare but other than that everything is sorted!

I've been trying to figure out what sort of lighting I should be going for too, as I want something calming but that's also going to show off the decor of the room in its best light. I love the idea of lights you can control with your smartphone too - can you believe they make light bulbs that you can control that way now?! LEDplanet have them available and I'm finding them quite tempting!


I've also been researching ways to save obviously with our family expanding this is something that's been on our minds a lot!

I'm thinking about trying something along the lines of they specialise in helping you invest your money wisely through an ISA, standard non-ISA or through a pension. 

It was launched in 2011 and has since been branded as 'the new way to invest''s very user friendly and simple to understand, and the fees are low and not at all hidden. A pension is something I have been looking at starting since I'm self employed, I definitely think it's something worse considering.

If you're interested too, have a look at the Nutmeg site.

Name Reveal!

I've decided to add a little something extra in to my weekly bump updates for the last few those who follow my blog will know, I am really into names and naming a baby is my favourite thing in the world so we've spent loads of time choosing a name!

We have 99% agreed on the final name, but I am pretty superstitious about actually naming a baby before its born so although we all know for almost certain what his name will be...we don't like to refer to him by name apart from to each other and we don't like to tell anybody what the name is (Because we also don't like it when other people refer to him by name before he's born, we're just funny about that for some reason!)...

However, I've decided it'd be fun (For me more than anyone else!) to do a bit of a fun name reveal over the last few the video below, I show you our Final 7 name options and tell you a little about where they came from...and each week I'll be crossing 1 or 2 names off the list until the final three are revealed the day before the c section!

I'm thinking of doing a little competition based around this too, but more on that in a future Bump Watch post! ;)

*Please be nice about our name choices in the video, one of these WILL be his name!!!

If you'd prefer to watch my weekly Bump Watch in video form, please see the below video!

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