Monday, 9 March 2015

Kid friendly carpet choices!

With little ones around it can be pretty difficult to keep a stylish and attractive home that is child-friendly - personally I'd love to fill my home with white or cream carpets and lots of faux fur white rugs dotted around, but with a sticky fingered toddler on the loose and a newborn on the way I dread to think what those carpets and rugs would look like after a few weeks of exposure to wotsits and newborn nappies!
No, when you become a parent it's time to start getting a bit more creative with styling your home and embracing darker colours and patterns!

Here are some of my favourite child-friendly alternative looks!

All of the below are available from Carpetright.

Living Room:

Something like this would work really well, as there are five main colours within the pattern of the carpet it would be easy to pick one or two of those to stick with for the furniture and walls and draw those colours out more. 

The pattern of the carpet means it will be very forgiving of stains and the carpet itself is 100% wool and resistant to soiling. 

Dining Room

The dining room is possibly the most "at risk" room in the house, so something with durable stain resistant fibres is a must!

This beautiful Damson colour is a great choice, it's dark enough to not be too unforgiving of spills but light enough to keep the room fresh and bright with the right coloured walls!

Childrens Bedroom

Of course, the childrens room itself is where a lot of people might struggle - the temptation to go for a traditional block colour carpet is always there, but how much more fun and practical would a printed carpet be?!

I love the idea of this road map design, Tyne would adore this and it's great that its hardwearing and stain resistant to last throughout years of happy playtimes!

What colours did you go with for your carpets once the little ones came along?

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