Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Me & Mine: March 2015

This will be our last Me & Mine photo as a family of 3...how very weird is that?!

No matter what date this baby arrives...whether it's on the scheduled c section date, the due date or 10-12 days overdue...by the time the end of April arrives, he will most certainly have been born.

March has been quite a hectic month for many reasons...

There's been a lot of stress around the new babies impending birth and all the anxiety and medical issues that have gone along with that....

But also it's been hectic for nice reasons too....just prepping for a new baby is hectic in itself...and of course March is also Tyne's birthday!

He turned 2 just a few days ago on March 26th...I can't believe he's 2 years old already, I have no idea where that time has gone!

Because this month has been our last as a family of 3, we've made a real effort to get out and about and do as many fun things as possible.

That isn't always easy being so heavily pregnant of course, but I really wanted to fill this time with lots of happy memories and of course lots of lovely family snapshots too!

We've visited Peppa Pig World, had Tyne's birthday party. visited Cornwall for a last little holiday, and had lots of local days out too.

One of Tyne's absolute favourite things to do is go to the beach...we're lucky living where we do in Torbay that there are so many beaches around us, we are really spoilt for choice!

This particular beach is Goodrington Sands...one of the four local beaches close to us...it's just a five minute drive from our house (And it's not even our closest beach!), so we come here quite often just for an hours play when the weather is nice enough.

It's not a huge beach but its big enough, and Tyne is delighted just to bring his bucket and spade and dig holes in the sand.

I like to sit and watch, and take in the view of the sea which always makes me feel so relaxed (And makes me long to be on a cruise!)

And Jon gets dragged into building sandcastles of course!

On this particular day, despite it being mid-March, we didn't even need our coats...the sun was warm enough and we spent an hour just relaxing and having fun together.

I set up the camera on timer to get our group shot, but a kind old man saw me and offered to take one for us too....I always feel a bit awkward when a stranger offers to take our photo but this one turned out nice and I always appreciate their help anyway!

I think my favourite photo though is the one below...it doesn't capture us directly, but just our 3 shadows sitting together on the beach wall watching the sea is something I really like.

dear beautiful

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