Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Smart Phone...The Unsung Hero!

My phone.

Something none of you ever see, obviously, but it's how I see all of you everyday! 

I've always been a bit of a phone addict, even before mobile phones became popular (Yes I really am THAT OLD...) I would spend hours on the landline to my best friend gossiping about boys (Much to my Dads dismay! Oh how well I remember hiding whenever the phonebill arrived each month....itemised phone bills were the worst invention ever!) .

I got my first mobile phone when I was around 15...I was one of the only people at school to have one so the teachers used to confiscate it and store it in the office locker every day because they were so scared of it being stolen on school grounds! 
I felt rather special but it was actually quite pointless having a phone when nobody else I knew did....I spent a lot of time just playing Snake on that thing!

Nowadays of course phone's have evolved in leaps & bounds...and the age of the smartphone has changed how many of us live our lives.

As a blogger, my phone is a vital tool.

It is the first thing I check when I wake up in the mornings...I have a quick scan through to see what emails I've missed over night.

Then once breakfast is done, its time to scroll through social media and get started on the days interactions with the blogging community, PR people and so on.

It allows me to keep up with work when I'm out and allows me to respond to email opportunities straight away without missing chances to get involved in things I'm interested in....

In short, I really couldn't be without it.

It's not just bloggers like myself who find smart phones so useful in modern life though - how many of us use our phones now as our alarm clocks? To store our shopping lists? To remind us of appointments and meetings? To check the weather forecast before a trip?

They really are a modern day essential in so many ways.

And as technology grows, there are even more ways that your smart phone can be used to enhance and ease your home life than ever before.

LV= recently published this blog post about the many kinds of amazing, state of the art technology that can be used via our smartphones these days - everything from ways to protect our home, keep an eye on our pets, or even find our missing car keys!

I have to say though....of all the gadgets listed....the iKettle is the one I most want in my life!

You can switch the kettle on from your phone before you've even got out of bed in the morning, or before you arrive home from work! HOW flipping awesome is that?!

Now if they could just invent an app to wash the dishes for me, my life would be complete!

Which gadget from the list do you think you'd most benefit from? Do you think you could be without your smart phone? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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