Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Not to Be Missed: Adelaide Festival 2015

North America has its Montreal Jazz Festival, Burning Man, and Just For Laughs – and that's all fine and well for them, but few festivals in Oz speak to our spirit like the Adelaide Festival of the Arts.

There simply is no comparison to the rich experiences and artistic expression of Australia's own festivals, with this one taking the prize for the creativity in its line up and the number of attendees it draws.

Last year, the festival attracted over 429,000 visitors, with one third of them coming from the deep corners of Australia and around the planet, and another 70%+ from South Australia. That's nothing to snort at.

What's more is that the festival's demographics include mostly female  audiences, with 55% of them being professionals cutting loose.

Work Hard, Play Harder

The festival's attendees view the festival as an important value to Australia's profile – and we think they're right. Adelaide function venues  light up for the event, and there's nothing like it. The international coverage speaks to its intrinsic, global value. Not bad for a home grown festival that started out small and grassroots.

Writer's Week

For this writer, the biggest draw for me is Writer's Week. From Evelyn Roth's Nylon Zoo, the Nest Studio and the Story Tent, to sessions which include author exposés and bodies of work which include the likes of Angry Penguins, The Bush, My Palestine, The Golden Age, My Salinger Year, Sexual Politics, The End of Love, Lullabies For Little Criminals, 
Some Here Among Us, and so, so, so many more – it's an intoxicating mix of drama, biography, and stories from all around the world.

Visual Arts

The free event which spans various countries is not to be missed, either. Although simply a free event, do not be fooled, this free event packs the punch of any premium event I've ever been to.

Curated by Joe Cockrill and Craig Morrison and situated at Blinc Bar, this wonder of the senses will take you through one light and sound installation to the next, immersing visitors in an exclusive survey of the very best of international arts endeavours.

From large scale projections and cutting edge light shows, there is absolutely no shortage of technical visual and sensory brilliance.

Blinc Bar is sure to convert the surrounding Elder Park area into a sure-fire visual wonder full of visual art exhibitions, laughs, smiles, and enriching one-of-a-kind experiences.

And then there's the work of Bill Viola, The Black Rose, and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. Few festivals have this level of diversity and intelligent showmanship.

Moving On

The festival has its own app, and is also providing all of its friends and fans to share it with others through a gift voucher program. Be sure to visit their website for more 

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