Monday, 9 March 2015

Our Cornwall Holiday Vlog!

We filmed a few clips of our holiday with Sykes Cottages while we were in Cornwall last week, so I thought I'd share them today!

There will be a FULL blog review/post in lots of detail about our holiday and our experience with Sykes Cottages on Friday!

(Please excuse the bad quality, we filmed on our phones coz I forgot my vlog camera! Whoops!)

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  1. You all running away from the lions was hilarious! It was so lovely to see Tyne chatting and playing too :) looks like a great holiday x

    1. Thanks Sarah! lol, It didnt feel funny at the time I was so scared! But it is so funny to look back on! You don't see it in the video coz I just dropped and ran, but the male lion came BOUNDING toward the fence...terrifying! Then they were biting each other! So scary! lol! xx

  2. Tyne is so cute! Looks like you had a lovely time :) xx

  3. Oh Tyne is just so adorable!

  4. Loved your vlog! It seems like you all had such a wonderful time away x

  5. Tyne is so adorable and his speech is fantastic too! My little guy doesn't say much at all, I need Tyne to chat to him! :) The sunset from your cottage looks amazing, I'd love to sit out the back there with a nice glass of wine watching the sun set on another fun holiday day :) x


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