Friday, 13 March 2015

Smart Saving

Saving is something that becomes a part of life once you leave home, and I doubt that it's something you ever stop needing to do.

There always seems to be something to save for....deposits for houses, cars, holidays, saving for childrens seems pretty never ending.

A couple of years ago, I started a rainy day savings account to use for family holidays....I wanted us to always be able to afford holidays with Tyne, and with now being pregnant there will of course be baby things that need to be purchased.

I find it so helpful to have a savings account completely separate to my current account where I can transfer money whenever I have some spare, and where I can see it building up....being able to see the money building really encourages me and spurs me on to add more and more to it wherever possible.

I recommend using a protected account to ensure your savings are safe, such as with FSCS 

I allocate my money each month to cover rent, bills and money for days out and any treats we might want to indulge in such as meals out and then whatever money is left over, whether its £100 or £10, I transfer it to my savings account....every little helps and its amazing how quickly the small amounts can add up.

I also try to do what I can to raise funds specifically for the savings account....every month or two I have a sort out of clothes and bits & bobs from around the house that have been sitting around collecting dust, I go and do a car boot sale (which I really enjoy!) and I put any money raised into the savings account - I usually come away with at least £60 each time so over the course of a year that's an extra £720! Enough to cover a nice little holiday!

How do you approach saving money?

Take a look at the video below for Monica Galletti's tips and experiences on savings!

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