Thursday, 26 March 2015

Toddler Easter Crafting!

We've been getting ourselves ready for Easter by doing a bit of crafting over the last few weeks!

I have to admit, I'm not the most crafty of problem is that I worked for years as a nursery nurse and nanny before having kids and I would always pride myself on coming up with loads of elaborate crafting and sensory activities for the children...I loved it! The problem is...I think I overdid it and now that I have my own child, I am COMPLETELY over it!!! I've been there and done it all before and I just don't have the energy when it's all happening in my own house and I'm the one left with the mess to clear away and the clothes to wash....bad Mummy, I know!! (He'll live).

I have forced myself to partake in a bit of the crafty stuff lately though and although it's not my favourite thing to do, I've survived it!

I like to set everything that we need out before I bring Tyne in to the room...otherwise it's all going to descend into chaos!

For this particular activity we were making some Easter cards using paint pens, sticking felt and PVA glue....Some cotton wool sheep, and some Easter Glasses.

I laid out the card ready cut and folded along with a pile of sticky felts and some PVA glue and paintbrushes in a container, the paint pens ready, and the glasses off to one side until we were ready for them.

Tyne really enjoyed all of the activites, but his favourite part was definitely spreading the glue onto the card with the paintbrush - he had far more glue on there than stickers or paint!

The paint pens were fantastic, I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them for toddlers...they look like Prit sticks and work in the same way except that they're dry paint rather than glue... they twist up and down so you only have out what you need and it leaves minimal mess but lots of colour on the page and they're the perfect size for little hands to grip too!

We made our funny glasses, our little sheep and our Easter Cards in about 45 minutes...after then Tyne started to get fidgety and I knew we were done.

Here are our finished products!

We both had fun and we would definitely do something like this again....we filmed a little video of our crafting session too if you'd like to have a watch.

All of the craft products were sent to us by Baker Ross who have a wide range of fantastic craft products for all ages at fantastic prices!

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