Tuesday, 17 March 2015

What Five Things Can't I Live Without?

I was flicking around on YouTube last night, and I came across the below video from British Gas questioning the general public on what 5 things they couldn't live without....

It got me thinking about what 5 things I personally couldn't live without!

It took a while to narrow it down and I've left out the very obvious things like family...because, well, thats just obvious isn't it?!

So those things aside...I couldn't live without:

1) My iPhone!

It's the curse of the blogger, but my iphone is permanently attached to my hand ready to check emails as they come through! 
Of course it's also there for social media and constantly taking endless photos and videos of Tyne and every little thing he does too....doens't every mum do that?!

2) Movies

I've always been a bit of a film nerd, and I doubt there's a week that passes that I don't watch a movie...even though it's usually something I've seen a million times before!
This week Jon & I spent an evening cuddled up together watching a film we hadn't seen before and it felt like such a treat! We watched 22 Jump Street, and we were both in hysterics the whole way through - such a funny film and right up our streets humour-wise!

3) Music

I'm also very into music and my taste is really varied...I love having my iphone playlist running while I'm getting ready in the mornings, and I don't think my day would be quite the same without that bit of a lift!

4) Make up

I know it sounds very superficial, but make up is such an essential for me...I wear it every day unless I'm certain I`m not going anywhere as I just don't feel like myself with out it, and I love treating myself to new bits & pieces when I can afford it.

5) Food!

Yes I know, none of us could actually live without food - but for me food is a real treat and something I look forward to! I so enjoy planning out really delicious family meals, and when all three of us really enjoy them it feels like a real achievement and time and money well spent!

I guess most of these things are either necessary items or they don't cost much, but when I think about it there are definitely ways I could be less frivolous with my spending...for example, how often do I just pay 99p to download a song from iTunes instead of looking at the cost of the whole album?! And I KNOW I spend way too much money on eating out and takeaways!

It might not seem like much but it does all add up, and we could certainly use those extra few pounds here and there toward some of more necessary expenses such as home energy!

What 5 things do you think you'd find it hard to live without?!

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