Monday, 30 March 2015

What's In My C-Section Hospital Bag?

Today I thought i'd give a little run down on what I have packed in my hospital bag for Baby Number 2!
I recently filmed a video showing Whats In My Hospital Bag which you can take a look at below if you'd prefer, but I know not everyone likes videos so I thought I'd write about it too!

I'm actually taking two bags with me to the hospital - one small suitcase for my own items, and a changing bag filled with the babies items.

The changing bag I'm using is the Pacapod Jura Bag (£75.00) - I was actually sent this quite a while ago but once I saw how roomy it was, I decided to keep it new to use as my hospital bag as it has so many different zipper sections and compartments that it really does make the ideal travel bag - it holds so many things and makes it so easy to organise everything!

 There is a changing mat included within the bag, along with two "Pods"..a feeding pod and a changing pod! This means that instead of rooting around in your bag for various items, if you are looking for feeding or changing equipment you know which pod you need to grab...ideal!

 I love anything grey at the moment so this colour really appealed to me and I love the grown-up design too....last time around I was quite into "cutesy" changing bags but this time I'm over that and much preferring changing bags that don't necessarily scream "CHANGING BAG!" but rather could easily pass for a standard hand bag..which I feel the Jura does well.

You can find out more about the Jura or the rest of the Pacapod range HERE

So...what's inside?!

First let's take a look at the items I'm taking for the baby!

First up, the changing items! I'm taking one packet of newborn disposable nappies with me...there are 23 in the packet so as I should hopefully only be in overnight this should suffice, but I do have more stocked up at home which can be brought in if I need them.

I'm also taking Water's recommended that cotton wool and water be used on delicate newborn skin but that's too much faffing around for me so I chose to use Water Wipes last time for convenience and found them to be ideal, so will be using them again this time!

I also have a packet of nappy sacks coming along with me which will be used for dirty nappies as well as for carrying soiled or dirty baby clothes/vests etc home.

I'm taking along a newborn care set including a little hairbrush and comb, and some baby nail scissors plus some cotton buds incase of gloopy eyes. 
Many babies are born with long, sharp nails so I like to have these to hand just incase.

I'm taking 5 little vests, which should hopefully be enough to see us through the first day - I also have 3 bibs with me (I am wondering if I might need more), and a packet of newborn dummies incase we decide to use them.
Tyne loved using dummies and I have no problem with giving them if they help baby to settle, but if he doesn't seem to need them then I won't use them.

I'm taking 3 sleepsuits in Newborn size, but I have plenty of other options in other sizes on standby at home which can be brought in if necessary! I'm also taking a few pairs of scratch mitts and a few hats too.

Babies coat for coming home in...I realise I could ask Jon to bring this along when we need it rather than weighing myself down with it, but I don't like trusting people to remember things so I'd rather just take it along with me ready!

This is babies coming home's from Next and is almost identical to the one Tyne wore to come home, except for the different year!

A cellular blanket and a muslin blanket - I also have a fluffy blanket for using over babies car seat which I forgot to photograph.

Moving on to my own items...I'm taking 3 night gowns in with me. This might seem excessive for what will probably just be a one night stay, but I had quite a large blood loss on the first night with Tyne so there's every chance that may happen again and that I may need to get changed more than once so I'd like to have options!

I prefer night gowns because I'll be having a c section so I don't want pyjama bottoms sitting on my scar, plus its just easier for access for the midwives to the areas they need to get to!

I also have a dressing gown which I didn't get around to photographing.

As far as toiletries go, I'm taking:

*Femfresh wipes - it might be a while before I can shower so I'd like the option of being able to "freshen up"
*Dry Shampoo
*Anti bacterial hand gel
*Body wash
*Balmi lip balm to help with dry lips on the ward
*Face wipes

*Lots of maternity pads - hopefully I won't get through this many during my hospital stay but better safe than sorry and I'm sure they'll get used in the following weeks at home!

*Lots of breast pads

*A couple of packets of tissues - I got a bit of a cold last time I was in having Tyne, plus they just come in handy if the baby blues hit!

*Slippers - for walking around the ward, and to and from the theatre

*Lots of BIG knickers - every c-section mama needs MASSIVE knickers, the bigger the better, so that they sit ABOVE the scar rather than on it! I hated using disposable knickers last time so this time I've just taken 10 pairs of cheap cotton knickers which I won't mind throwing away if they get ruined...they're just more comfortable than paper ones!

*CPanty - I'm looking forward to giving this a try, it's a compression panty designed especially to help heal c-section incisions quickly and are also said to aid with win!

And finally, Tyne's big brother t shirt for photos when he meets the new baby and his Big Brother doll for the baby to give to him!

Not photographed but also included in my bag is:

*Peppermint capsules - for helping with wind after the c section which I found very painful last time
*A handheld mirror
*My make up
*My hair brush and a bobble
*My hospital notes
*Babies red book
*My phone, charger, Ipad and camera
*Some change for the snack machines

Can you think of anything I've forgotten to pack?! What did you find really useful to have with you when having your baby? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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