Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Why I'm Grateful For My Mum

With Mothers Day approaching, I thought I'd join in with this fabulous Mothers Day competition from Great Rail who are giving one lucky person the chance to win a trip for two to Bruges! 

All you need to do is write a blog post about why you're thankful for your mum!

I have zillions of reasons why I'm thankful for my Mum, and after she had a horrible fall just before Christmas and broke her hip I feel like she could do with cheering up - she had to have a full hip replacement which meant she missed out on travelling to see her Grandchildren for Christmas which she hated, and she's been battling through the physio ever since like a trooper - she could do with a treat after a terrible ending to last year!

To sum up why my Mum is so fab, I wrote a little poem!

My Mum

She always has a smile for people, and always time to spend
She likes to pass the time of day and be a real, true friend

She likes a natter and talks for hours, to anyone who calls
Much to the dismay of my Dad, it drives him up the wall!

Good manners are her big pet peeve, so mind what you say!
If she hears you mutter a "bad word", she'll lecture you all day!

She loves to be with little ones, her grandchildren the most
She brings them breakfast in their beds, complete with tea & toast!

She's a real fashionista, and always looks her best
Infact I think My Mum is always a cut above the rest!

She's always got a cuddle and some motherly advice,
and is always treating us to things when she sees something nice.

She has a very silly side, making scarecrows for outside!
She didn't win the competition, but you couldn't say she never tried!

Every occasion that there is is celebrated in style,
with bunting, food and lots of fun...she goes the extra mile!

She's the best Nanny in the world, all her grandkids would tell you so
They are always excited when she's here, and cry when she has to go

She's number 1 in my eyes, so Happy Mothers Day Wishes I send...
To the best Mummy in the world....My Mum and my best friend!

Happy Mothers Day, love from Hayley xxx

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