Friday, 3 April 2015

A great day out in London

Just a stone's throw from central London, Ripley's Believe it or Not, is a rich interactive experience which children of all ages can engage in and enjoy. There are six floors filled with strange and spectacular attractions that will keep families entertained for the whole day. This is a perfect place to take the kids if you're out for the day in London, and want to try something different. 
Mirror Maze
The Mirror Maze is made up of a series of infinity mirrors, to create the illusion of a never ending tunnel. Finding your way in (and back out) is the challenge, it's great fun for the whole family and teaches everyone how to work together. This attraction is particularly suited for younger children, who may not be able to engage with some of the more complicated interactive games, that require reading and writing skills.

Digital graffiti wall
Inside this exhibit you can see a 3,000lb piece of the original and famed Berlin Wall, and alongside this piece of history, is a the digital graffiti wall. It’s a canvas where the kids can use digital spray cans and decorate the space with their own art, without fear of getting paint or dye all over their clothes. This Ripley's offering suits children of all ages, especially ones that love to express themselves through drawing or painting. 
Remarkable people
The Remarkable People exhibit, is dedicated to the world's most unique individuals, like Liu Ch‛ung, born with double pupils in each eye and Robert Wadlow, the tallest man on earth. There are some people that have pushed their bodies to the limit, like the Lizard Man, who underwent numerous surgical procedures to look like a real lizard. This is fascinating exhibit that gives children a chance to explore the weird and the wonderful.
Ripley's is great for a day of fun, and it perfect for allowing your child to use their critical thinking skills. Should they believe what they see, or not? 
It’s worth booking your Ripleys London tickets in advance, and keeping an eye out for up and coming exhibits, as they frequently change. Take your kids to this brilliant museum, for lots of interactive fun for the whole family. 
Image by Elliot Brown used under the Creative Commons license. 

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