Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How Clinical Negligence Can Affect Your Family

When you are part of a family, something that affects one person affects you all, and clinical negligence is a prime example of this. Clinical negligence can affect your family in a number of ways, including surgical errorsfailed sterilisation and the late diagnosis of cancerThe health and wellbeing of each and every one of you is important to your family, and if the standard of care has fallen below an acceptable level when one of you has required medical treatment it can have a devastating and long-term effect on your family as a whole. 

One of the most common medical negligence claims that the NHS deal with each year relates to birthing injuries and mistakes in maternity care, which accounts for 33% of the total £1 billion that the NHS spend settling clinical negligence claims. The screening and scanning pregnant mothers is sometimes performed incorrectly, which can provide incorrect results; physical injuries can occur to mothers during pregnancy and while the baby is being delivered; and even still births can be the result of clinical negligence (such as the misuse of medicines in labour), some of which result in the baby being born with disabilities or deformities. 

We all know how devastating these events can be to a family – so it is important you understand what medical negligence is, how clinical negligence can affect your family and whether or not you or your loved ones have experienced itIf you feel that you or any of your family members have experienced any form of clinical negligence, we recommend that you get in touch with your local solicitors and request a professional opinion on the matter. 

The infographic provided below was created by Blackwater Law Solicitors and offers some informative statistics on just how often cases of clinical negligence occur, and provides information on the regulations around filing a claim. The surprisingly high numbers demonstrate how often tragic errors can take place in the hands of people that we trust with the health and wellbeing of our family members, and how frequently the lives of innocent people are affected by clinical negligence 

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