Tuesday, 28 April 2015

How to Make the Most of the Summer as a Family

The sun’s out! Get outside, quick! We can all feel our moods lift when the temperature finally rises and the mornings and evenings are lighter for longer. The summer is a great time to spend some quality family time. After being cooped up indoors for so many months it is a relief to be able to get out in to the outdoors and not struggle for meaningful activities to do indoors. Here are a few ideas for how you and your family can make the most of the warmer days this year. 

Have a Barbeque 

This is a great chance for dad to teach the younger ones some basic cooking (as long as they are careful of course!). It is also an opportunity to invite friends and their families round to have a good catch-up. Top UK barbeque tip: Get a gazebo to protect against the very real possibility of rain. 

Go Away 

A family holiday enables you to bond in a different setting, learn about new cultures or just unwind and have fun. If you don’t want to fly, why not consider a holiday in the UK? You could have a walking holiday in the Lake District, enjoy the beaches of Cornwall or go cycling in Scotland. 

Go Swimming 

Find an outdoor swimming pool near you. Somewhere like Wet n Wild in Newcastle is fun for the whole family. If you are feeling adventurous wild swimming has reportedly being declared the trend of 2015. Swimming is great exercise and a healthy hobby to get your kids into early. 

Get a Summer Family Portrait 

Specialists such as the Venture Studios family photographer are great at capturing your family’s personalities and bringing the relevant season into the shoot. This is a fantastic way of getting memento of what will be a great summer.  

Get into the Great Outdoors 

Britain has some of the most spectacular outdoor space that too few people in the country make the most out of. Visit the official website to find the nearest park to you and plan a day of rambling or other activity.  

Visit Friends and Family 

Get out of your home town and visit friends or family members which you haven’t seen for too long. Experiencing a new place in the sun is the best way to see somewhere for the first time.  

Get into Gardening 

Its lots of fun getting your hands dirty with the kids. If you grow vegetables they will learn where their food comes from. Tending to plants teaches patience and a bit about the science behind flora. It is also a great way to make your garden look beautifully summery! 

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