Saturday, 18 April 2015

Introducing Bluey - The world's cutest airplane?!

As I've mentioned before on my blog and shown on little son Tyne is somewhat obsessed with transport-based characters!

Thomas The Tank Engine will always be his number 1 of course, but he's a big fan of Disney's Cars, Bob The Builders various work vehicle companions, Tractor Ted and so on...but one thing missing was a plane!

However, as the YouTube addict that he is, Tyne has today discovered a new little character called Bluey - a very cute little KLM plane who, in the first episode, helps his friend Windy on her way to the annual Zundert flower parade!

The animation is adorable and I can see why Tyne is already such a fan...and he's not alone!

The Bluey character was launched by KLM airlines last year and has since become very popular with their younger passengers!

With special Bluey meal boxes available on international flights, a variety of Bluey themed products such as keychains and card games available to purchase, and even a special Junior Jet Lounge at Schipohl airport exclusively for children - KLM really are going to lengths to make children feel welcomed on board their flights and ensure they have a pleasant and fun travelling experience.

I never personally got to experience travelling by airplane as a child as my mother had a fear of flying, I have ended up with the same fear myself but I'm very conscious of not exposing Tyne to this and wanting him to experience all manner of transport to enable him to get out there and see the world....I feel that little touches such as these from KLM are  what make travelling by air fun and inviting for children and are key to ensuring that it's something they enjoy and get excited about.

In fact, Bluey is such a sweet character he actually makes me feel a little less nervous about the prospect of flying myself!

To take a look at the first installment of the Bluey animated movie series, have a look below and don't forget to subscribe to KLM's channel so you don't miss out on the next one!

*In collaboration with KLM

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