Saturday, 25 April 2015

Losing Baby Weight with Kiqplan!

When I was getting close to the end of the pregnancy with Noah, I was so looking forward to finally having my body back and being able to do something about feeling so uncomfortable.

As those who have read my blog for a while will now, I have Graves Disease which is a thyroid-related auto immune disorder and due to a combination of the condition itself and the steroid-based medication I went from a size 8/10 at diagnosis to a size 20 at my biggest.

When I fell pregnant with Noah I was dieting, but nowhere near my goal weight at all and so I spent the pregnancy looking forward to being able to get back on the wagon and trying my hardest to lose weight...not just the baby weight but also trying to get to a size I feel more comfortable with.

Anyone who has a condition like this will know that it's very difficult to lose weight with as you're not in full control of your own body - even with the most sensible diet and exercise routine in the world, I can still find myself gaining weight for seemingly no reason which is obviously hugely disheartening.

But I'm determined to give it my best shot and see what I can do - I'm under treatment from a new endocrinologist now who I'm hoping will be able to help me to find the best way to control my weight alongside the thyroid condition.

I was recently offered the chance to try a Health & Fitness app called Kiqplan and the timing was perfect.

Kiqplan offer four different kinds of plans - a Slim & Trim plan, Goodbye Beer Belly plan for men, Healthy Baby Bump for during pregnancy and Goodbye Baby Bump for post-pregnancy.

Obviously the one I'm trying is the Goodbye Baby Bump one and I think it's such a great idea to have a plan dedicated to post-natal fitness as your abilities are different after recently giving birth than they might usually be.

The app is really user-friendly and visually motivating with its use of progress graphics - its split into 3 sections, one covering exercise, one covering food and one covering sleep.

The app gives you a new workout plan each week, and each exercise also has an instructional video alongside to show you how to correctly execute each move which I thought was fantastic!

As well as this it also gives you daily motivational tips which I have found really useful and informative so far,

The food section gives healthy eating tips as well as a new recipe each week, and you can use it to log everything you eat to allow it to keep track of your calorie intake for the day.

The app sets you a target of 1600 calories per day, and also a target of 6000 steps to walk per day - you can pair it with numerous activity trackers such as the fitbit or even just your iphone.

The plan promises to change the way you look and feel in just 12 weeks - I'm only on week 1 at the moment but I'm feeling very motivated and hopeful!

To find out more about Kiqplan, please visit

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