Thursday, 30 April 2015

Me & Mine: April 2015

Our April Me & Mine photo is the one I've been looking forward to for months and months, but never able to visualise in my mind.

I knew that it would be the first of (hopefully) many snaps of us as a four, but no matter how hard I tried to imagine how it might look I couldn't...there was always a blank space where that fourth person should be...

But now he's here, and that blank space is filled.

Noah slots into our family photograph just as perfectly as he's slotted into our lives. 

As though he was never not there.

We took our monthly family snap on a weekend afternoon, before we headed out to the supermarket - both of the kids had a bit of a cold, and we were in a rush as always! 

 I got us all sat down on the bed, set the timer and took approximately 20 photos! I chose the one I liked best above to edit and use for this post.

I think it's a nice family shot - but there's one more photo of us all that we've taken - the only other image of the 4 of us that exists so far.

Life with a newborn and toddler doesn't really allow for a lot of family photo opportunities - there's always someone who needs changing or needs their nose wiping or or is feeling grumpy (that one's me!) or wants feeding (that's quite often me too...)

And so there are only those two occasions so far that we've actually taken a shot of all of us together...

But the one below is one I love much more than the one above.

It's an iphone snap that I took a few days after we came home from the hospital with Noah - it was during the morning, I had been having a lie-in as I recovered from the c-section, Jon & Tyne had come up to have a lay down with me and Noah woke up in his cot next to us so I pulled him in for a cuddle too - I took the snap for us to keep, not to share on my blog or social media as I didn't have any make up on...I hadn't brushed my hair...Jon & I look shattered with big shadows around our eyes...

But that's a much more real representation of what the first month of life as a four has looked like.

And so, following on from this post I recently wrote about Insta-perfect images and sharing reality more than the posed pretence of perfection, I decided I WOULD share it after all.

It's not pretty and it's not perfect...but it's us as we really are. And I quite like us, actually. Dark shadows and all....

dear beautiful

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