Friday, 10 April 2015

Memories Old & New....#LittleLoves

For months now I've been meaning to join in with ButWhyMummyWhy's #LittleLoves linky as I see so many of my blogger friends taking part but for one reason or another, I never seem to get around to it.

Today I've decided to seize the moment while I have 5 seconds to myself to write a blog's Friday which is the day of the linky so why not?! Let's join in!!

Here are some of my #LittleLoves this week!


I was recently chosen to be a blogger which is something I'm very excited about as it means that I will be receiving subscriptions to 3 magazines of my choice in return for some blog posts on the website - I absolutely love snuggling down on the settee with a hot chocolate and a magazine when I get half an hour to myself but I so rarely remember to actually BUY a magazine when I'm out and about!

So having a subscription is ideal for me as it means I don't need to remember - they simply get delivered to my door each month!

This week my copy of Gurgle magazine arrived, which is perfect timing as I've been loving sitting on the sofa cuddling my newborn son and reading all of the parenting advice and tips in the magazine! 

Subscriptions to magazines like this are much more cost effective than you might think, a 12 issue subscription to Gurgle is actually only £29.99!


I'm loving the return of Modern Family on Sky One! This has been one of my absolute favourite shows for the last few years sad as it sounds....Jon & I look forward to Monday evenings all week!

Our little tradition is to get the kids settled into bed, get ourselves snuggled on the sofa with some chocolate or a nice late dinner, and just chill out together laughing at the latest episode!

We both find it hilarious and we love all of the characters...infact we love it so much we record it and usually watch it again during the week!! Is that a little too sad?!


This weekend was Easter and in my family that means one thing...Nautical Attire!

Ever since I was little, myself and all of the other children in our family would be kitted out in sailor dresses and suits for Easter weekend - if not traditional sailor outfits then at the very least we would wear navy and white with nautical prints or sailor stripes!

I love to follow family traditions and so ever since Tyne was born I have made sure that his Easter clothes are nautical themed every year...and this year I had two little ones to dress in the theme!

Tyne wore a super cute nautical inspired outfit from Junior J at Debenhams on Easter Sunday, and Noah wore the adorable Tuto Piccolo sailor romper suit that Tyne wore on his very first Easter...and of course Mummy joined in with the theme too!

I desperately wanted to get a nice photo of us all in our matching Easter outfits but Tyne has decided that he hates posing for photographs so it proved rather difficult and the below was the best of a very bad bunch!! Oh least I have one!


Last week I set about downloading some of my all-time favourite songs to my Ipad to keep me entertained while I was in hospital having Noah, and since then I've been loving going through them all and reminiscing!

I've always had quite eclectic taste in music - I love a bit of everything! - but in my 20's I was a bit of an EMO/Rock/Punk kinda chick and I used to go to a particular bar with my friends where they'd play music like The Killers and Joy Division - I would always have a little bit too much to drink (naughty!) and dance the night away like a bit of a can't dance properly to that kind of music, you just have to go a bit wild and I love that!

So this week the soundtrack to my morning routine of getting dressed and putting on my make up on has been a mix of Blink 182, The Smiths and this particular favourite of mine - Mr Brightside by The Killers...I haven't quite been able to thrash around and dance thanks to my c-section scar but I've enjoyed it nonetheless!!


This week I have been concentrating on editing some videos for my YouTube channel, which is something I want to concentrate on more over the coming few months.

I don't have tons of subscribers or get lots of hits on my channel but Tyne absolutely loves to watch our videos - infact most mornings he asks to see them, and will sit and watch them streamed to the TV while he eats his breakfast - I think they're lovely to look back on and I intend to put all of them on to disc to make sure we have them kept safe to look back on in years to come.

With that in mind, I've been working away editing our videos of Tyne's 2nd birthday as well as the footage we got in the hospital of before and after Noah was born and his first meeting with Tyne....I think it will be so amazing when Noah is grown up for him to be able to see actual footage of his mother in hospital about to go into surgery to have him, and of the very first time he and his brother met...I can't imagine how cool it would be to be able to see that kind of footage of the start of my life and so I'm really grateful that we have the technology now to preserve these memories for our children.

This is the video I put together of the day Noah was born....

And Lastly...

I've been struggling a lot with my recovery from having Noah last week so I haven't been able to concentrate much on my blog even when he's sleeping as it's been too uncomfortable to come and sit at the computer for more than a few minutes at a time....but on the plus side giving birth seems to inspire me as I am positively BUZZING with ideas for posts and linkys that I want to set up!

I'm so excited to get going on them all so keep your eyes peeled for lots of new activity on here in the coming months!


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