Saturday, 18 April 2015

Noah at 2 Weeks Old

Dear Noah,

I can't believe that you are already TWO WEEKS OLD!

Infact this post is going up at the weekend, by which time you will be 18 days old!

The time has really gone absolutely nowhere and it feels as though you've only been here for maybe 5 days or so!

Your Health Visitor Checks & Other Things...

We haven't had many visits from anybody at all....your brother had 3 or 4 midwife visits and then a few health visitor ones, but you only had one midwife visit at 5 days and then a health visitor one at 13 days.

Your newborn hearing check was done at 13 days (which seemed late to me, as Tyne's was done in the hospital at 1 day old?!) - you passed it just fine.

You weighed 8 lbs at birth which had dropped to 7lbs 13 at the 5 day check, and was back up to 8lbs 2 oz yesterday at the health visitor check.

You have grown a lot were 19 inches born and are now 22 inches!

You are still not filling out your newborn clothes, so are still wearing Early or Tiny Baby in everything...luckily we bought quite a few things in this size as your brother was in Early/Tiny Baby until he was 5 weeks old!

You are also still in Micro nappies.

You've had your first bath and a few more since, and your gloopy eyes have cleared up beautifully now.

You have a little birthmark at the back of your neck just under your hairline.

You are a typical boy at nappy change hate to be cold so you scream the house down until you're dressed again and you usually wee & poo everywhere when your nappy is off! I've heard that boys do this but your brother never its all quite new to us!!

Eating & Sleeping

I've just been reading your brothers 3 week update and it seems that you are very similar to him as far as your routine goes!

Daddy & I are night owls so we tend not to go to bed until around 2 am most nights (some nights we go at midnight if we're very tired!) - usually we give you a feed before we go up, and that means you then tend to wake at around 4.30 am and around 6.30 am - the next time you wake up we'll be up for the day so that's only 2 night time wake ups, which isn't too bad! We try to do one feed each so we're getting 4 hours or so of uninterrupted sleep, which seems to work out pretty well most of the time.

Of course there are always some nights when it doesn't go to plan...last night was one of those nights! Your brother woke up at around 3am and wanted to chat instead of go back to sleep, so your bedtime feed didn't last until we were all settled like it usually does....we were just settling down when you decided you were hungry, and then once you finished and we all settled down you decided to fill your nappy! So there were lots of ups and downs last night before we finally got any sleep!

What You've Been Doing

You're becoming much more alert now - you still sleep a lot during the day and will nap for anything between 1 to 3 hours usually, with your longest nap being in the mid afternoon - but you are also having much more awake time too.

You love to look all around you, your neck control has been pretty amazing since birth really - you seem to think you're a much older baby than you are and you love to hold your head up and look right around the room!

You LOVE it when Mummy talks to you about any old gibberish - you can be crying at the top of lungs (which are POWERFUL by the way!) but as soon as I start chatting to you then you stop and listen intently!

You love snuggling and being cuddled, and you especially like it when I cuddle you in to my chest so you can hear my heartbeat - you've loved being held like this ever since the first night in the hospital.

We took you for your first outing on Easter Sunday when you were 5 days old, which was just for a little walk around Torquay Harbour - since then you've been to the park with your brother and cousins, been to your Aunty Laura's house a couple of times, and been for a walk with Nanny & Gagand in your big posh pram!

We also ventured out for a meal last weekend, you were very well behaved while we were in the restaurant and we didn't hear a peep out of you!

Your brother loves to show you off to everyone when we're out and about! He's very proud of you.

We also went to a lovely Fairy & Elf Experience photo shoot at the weekend, you posed beautifully for the photos in your little elf outfit and I'm very excited to get the finished photos back!

After Birth Care & How Mummy Is Doing

The after birth care has been pretty abysmal really...after being discharged from the hospital the day after the c-section and then going back in 3 days later with opened stitches, I had been worried as I'd been in a lot more pain than I was following the c-section with Tyne.

As I mentioned above, we didn't see a midwife until you were 5 days old...and even then she was pretty unhelpful and didn't examine me, look at my scar or anything...the next person we saw was the health visitor at 13 days but as lovely as she is, she didn't know much about the scar issue.

I went to my GP and it turned out that my wound was infected, and I'm now on antibiotics - this morning I realised the wound had bled in the night so I called the midwives who came out to look at it (after a lot of umm-ing and ahh-ing about it I might add, not the most helpful team of midwives!) - they decided it "doesn't look too bad" but just to keep an eye on it and if its still weeping/bleeding once the course of antibiotics ends to go back to my GP.

My bleeding stopped at 5 days post partum which I did think seemed very early, and I was right - it came back again with a vengeance at 12 days post partum and is showing no signs of going away!

I had the baby blues much more this time than I did with Tyne, it hit me on Day 2 and was quite full on for the first week - it's definitely eased off now though!

That's all our news for now!

Lots of Love,

Mummy xxx

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