Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Noah & Me: 1 Month Post Partum Update

Unbelievably it has now been one whole month since our second son Noah arrived into the world.

It's been a busy month, there hasn't been much sleep being had (unless you're Noah...but only during the day!) and of course it's had it stressful moments but mostly it's been lovely...although it has definitely passed so much faster than the first month with Tyne did!

I'm a little worried about blinking and missing too much of Noah's getting older - 2 year old brothers tend to demand lots of attention and so the poor little baby is all too often put aside while Tyne is tended to, and before I know it the day has gone by and I feel like I've barely given Noah more than a few stolen cuddles here and there.

But we're still finding our feet with this two children lark, and I'm hoping that we can establish some sort of schedule that fits us all and allows time for all the jobs to be done and both of the children to have plenty of one on one time as well as family time - here's hoping anyway!

Unfortunately Noah has caught the nasty cold that Tyne has been suffering with lately, which has really made me's horrible seeing any child suffer with a cold but at 3 weeks old it seems very harsh! He has perked up a lot over the last day or so though, which I'm pleased about.

Noah last saw the health visitor just over a week ago, and at that time he was weighing 9lbs so had put on a whole pound since this birth.

He's just about coming out of his micro nappies now and although the size 1's still seem slightly too big it's definitely time to start wearing them as the micro's are a bit too snug...

Likewise, although Newborn clothing swims on him and 0-3 month clothing looks like it will swamp him for weeks to come yet, his early baby/tiny baby clothing is now starting to look a bit too short on the legs.

Noah is now taking between 3 - 4 oz at each feed, and tends to still want to be fed every 2 - 3 hours.

He is ever so fussy with his milk - the temperature has to be just how he likes it! He usually stops drinking toward the end of his feed to be burped, and once that's done I try him with the last little bit - he always pulls the most disgusted face as the milk is now too cold for his liking and he simply refuses to take it! The face is absolutely hilarious to see - he is such a little diva already, just like his brother!

Noah is sleeping for most of the day but is certainly awake a lot more than he used to be, and when he is awake he is very alert - he looks all around the room and his neck control is very impressive! 

He absolutely loves to be snuggled up on my chest and will happily stay there for hours - I have been wearing him in a sling recently while I'm blogging or doing bits around the house and he seems to really enjoy this.

He is still only sleeping for around 2 hours or so at night before waking, although lately his cold seems to have contributed to making sleep more difficult for him which can't be helped - he likes to have his dummy at night time but his snuffly nose is making it very hard for him to have his dummy and breathe through his nose - poor baby!

In the mornings I usually spend a bit of time snuggling on the bed with him before we go downstairs as it gives me the one bit of quiet snuggly time I get with him during the day without his brother wanting lots of attention - I love this time with him and it's a part of our routine I want to make sure that we keep up with!

The biggest news for Noah has been that over the last two days he has been giving what I believe are his first proper social smiles!

I know that people say they're too young and its wind but I can tell the difference - he has windy smiles a lot but recently he has given huge gummy smiles on a few occasions when he has caught my eye and I have talked to him - it's always when he first sees me so I can tell that the smile is definitely a social reaction and not just wind! They are the CUTEST smiles ever!

As for how I'm getting on at 1 month post-partum, things are definitely getting back to normal.

My infection of the c section scar seems to have healed well now, it is not painful anymore and is no longer weeping - the mystery sores seem to have cleared up too which I'm pleased about.

I'm still having a lot of back pain which comes and goes in waves - the Dr suggested that this was mostly likely from baby lying on a nerve during pregnancy, and should pass in time so fingers crossed for that.

I am still leaking milk every day which I find quite unusual as I didn't breastfeed at all, and so I would have thought that the milk would have dried up by now but it seems to be sticking around. 

The strange reactions I had been having to gluten during the pregnancy seem to be lingering - I tried eating gluten again a couple of weeks ago and suffered the same reactions, so I have been tested for celiac disease and am awaiting the results but keeping everything crossed that the results are negative - I am hoping it was just a strange pregnancy-induced intolerance that balances out when my hormones return to normal!

Speaking of hormones, I am still feeling quite emotional and my anxiety has increased quite a lot since Noah was born - this is something that I'll be discussing properly in a separate post in more detail.

 I have yet to have my first period which is something I'm not looking forward to - I have been pretty much living off chocolate the past few days though which is a sign that it's probably on its way!

I haven't weighed myself at all since Noah was born, but once my first post-baby period has been and gone I will be doing so and will then be on the baby weight-loss bandwagon!

My skin and hair have been fine since the birth, I haven't had any hair breakages yet like I did after Tyne was born so fingers crossed I've escaped that this time.

My nails, which are usually very short as I bite them a lot, are currently longer and stronger than they've been in years! They didn't grow much during pregnancy but they have really flourished since Noah was born which is nice!

My stretch marks are pretty intense but I'm hopeful that they'll fade over time like they did with Tyne...stretchmarks actually don't really bother me anyway, which is lucky!

I'm still feeling tired a lot and so I think I may still be low on iron, the iron tablets I was given after the birth have run out now so I'll ask about whether my levels are still low at my 6 week check up appointment.

That's all our news for this time!

Our next Noah update will be at 6 weeks.

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