Sunday, 19 April 2015

Ordinary Moments: The First Bath

My Ordinary Moment this week was just that....very very ordinary.

A simple bath, in fact. 

But not just any bath! 

A first bath.

It's funny with newborns how every little thing that happens and every little thing they do seems so much more significant because its their very first...

We've been top & tailing Noah since he came home from the hospital but at the start of this week, we decided to give him his first proper bath...and of course, his big brother wanted to be involved!

Tyne was so excited when we got the baby bath out in the living room that evening.

He sat wide-eyed listening intently as I told him all about how he used to sit in that very same bath when he was a new baby and how he hated his bath times...he'd scream and scream until we got him out...quite the opposite of now when he screams and screams as we forcibly remove him after the bath water has long gone cold and his skin is all prune-like!

Tyne couldn't wait to "help" me to bath his baby brother...he helped me to check the temperature and lay out the towels.... he squealed with delight and exclaimed "OH MY GOODNESS!" as I placed Noah in the water...I've never heard him use that expression before so it made me giggle...I guess the excitement of the situation required some dramatic words!

Once Noah was settled in the water, Tyne set about washing him with the sponge and even rinsed Noah's hair.

I expected Noah to protest a little at having his big brother involved in his first bath experience but luckily he seemed very chilled about it all...he seems to really enjoy the bath and didn't object even when Tyne decided to scrub his eyes with some bubbles...poor baby!

Of course...once Noah was finished, the inevitable happened....

Who could expect this water baby to resist jumping into a nice bath full of bubbles himself?!?

He thought this little bath in the living room was the best thing EVER, and was clearly wondering why we'd even bothered using the bathroom all these years...he sat there happily watching In The Night Garden as he splashed around and we didn't hear a peep out of him until it was time to coax him out for bedtime!

Then with both of their pyjamas on, my nice clean boys snuggled up on the sofa with me as Tyne had some Ipad time and Noah just chilled out in his favourite spot across my lap!

A very ordinary moment, but without a doubt one of my favourites.

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