Friday, 10 April 2015

Our Day At Peppa Pig World

Last week, we were very kindly invited along for a day out at Paulton's Park in Southampton...Paultons Park is a wonderful theme park with many different areas, possibly the most famous of which being Peppa Pig World! 

As soon as we approached Peppa Pig World, Tyne spotted a giant Peppa standing on top of the Hot Air Balloon ride and started pointed and squealing excitedly!

We were all blown away by how lovely it was....everything was so bright and colourful, it was really like stepping into the TV and into Peppa's world.

Everything is very magical, with Peppa music playing everywhere and lots of smiling happy children running around.

There are numerous rides - all Peppa themed - photo opportunities, characters dotted about, numerous food outlets, an indoor play zone, an outdoor play park, some fairground style games where children can win Peppa teddies, and some lovely bits dotted about for decoration such as a duck pond and water feature. 

There is also a Peppa Dedicated gift shop, too.

Tyne had visited Peppa Pig World once before last Summer, which we blogged about HERE, but he was much more aware of what was going on this time around and he was absolutely delighted to see all the different characters!

This time he was tall enough to enjoy all of the rides and I don't think he could have picked a favourite...though saying that he did LOVE getting to drive Daddy Pig's car!

We visited at the end of March and although it was a little chilly we were very lucky with the weather as it didn't rain at all - there were minimal queues for the rides which was ideal, as Tyne is not currently a fan of waiting his turn!

He went on every ride and this took probably around an hour and a half in total, we then spent some time in the park and the indoor play zone too.

We ate lunch at Daddy Pig's Cafe...I feel that the choice of food available is great for kids and adults with hot and cold options, and for a theme park I felt that the prices were reasonable.

My only gripe was that - as someone having to follow a coeliac diet - I was a bit disappointed by the allergen information available. The menu's online and outside of the food venues all state that visitors should enquire within for allergen details...when I asked at Daddy's Pigs Cafe if there were any coeliac savoury food options available I was told that there were not...they did have some gluten free cookies and cakes available which is nice, but obviously not substantial as a meal.

I have since found out online that the larger food venues in the main park DO offer gluten-free savoury meals....if only the staff in the cafe had informed me of this I could have had some lunch!

Later on we also stopped at Mrs Rabbits Ice cream Parlour for an ice cream....again the menu stated to ask for allergen information, and again we did...this time the staff member simply told us that she didn't know if the ice cream or cones contained gluten. She didn't offer to find out...which I found quite unhelpful.

After lunch, we headed to Peppa & George's house where the stars themselves were ready for a Meet & Greet!

This was new to us as last time we had attended, Peppa & George came out onto the balcony and waved at their little fans but that was all....and it was a bit of a stage rush!

This time the children could queue to meet Peppa & George one on one, and have their photos taken which I thought was a much better idea!

Tyne wasn't a fan of waiting in line of course, but once his turn came around he was absolutely delighted to get to give Peppa & George a cuddle....and we were pleased to get some nice photos too! A lovely souvenir and so much better than just a glimpse over the balcony like last time!

After our time spent within Peppa's section of the park, we explored further afield into the rest of Paultons Park...this definitely shouldn't be overlooked on a visit here as although Peppa Pig World is a lot of fun for little ones, there is so much more to see and do within the wider park itself!

Tyne absolutely loved the tractor rides, and seeing the penguins...there was also a new section called Critter Creek which was great fun!

The theme is along the lines of a nutty professor who's inventions and creations have come to life...there are some very imaginative plant statues dotted around which Tyne loved looking at, and he really loved the giggling Dandy Lions!

He had a go on the train ride which he absolutely loved, and he and Jon explored the indoor critter display section where they got to have a look at all kinds of creatures from iguana, praying mantis, spiders to chameleons and much more! They were delighted!

A day ticket for Paultons Park costs £28.00 per person (adults and children over 1 metre, children under 1 metre are free).

For more details, please visit

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