Sunday, 26 April 2015

Shared Parental Leave: What You Need To Know

The law recently changed in the UK to entitle both parents to time off to care for their newborn baby. 
The introduction of Shared Parental Leave is something that will make a huge difference to families and something I believe to be a positive and long overdue thing.
In this day and age it is no longer the case that the male in a relationship is the highest earner and therefore automatically the family breadwinner and the obvious choice to go back to work following the birth of a child - for many families the woman is the highest earner in the household and in these circumstances it makes perfect sense that the male should have the option of taking parental leave once the mother is recovered from the birth, etc. 
Of course, as with all money matters things can get confusing, so if you’re finding it all a bit hard to fathom then Citrix GotoMeetings have produced this fantastic interactive and written a comprehensive and clear set of guidelines which you can see below.

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